How To Safely Store Electronics in A Self-Storage Dubai Unit


The constant release of new technology and new models means there will always be a need to upgrade and discard. Therefore, it is common to have a collection of old devices and electronic gadgets.

However, many of the electronics we replace are still beneficial either as a backup or to pass them to someone else later. These unused electronic devices will take up extra space and may get to a point where you don’t even have anywhere to put them.

This is where the need for a self-storage Dubai unit comes in.

Of course, it can be nerve-wracking to store your electronics, particularly if you’re not sure how to do it properly. So, we’ve compiled these tips on storing your electronics in a self-storage Dubai unit to help protect your devices from damage and keep them safe during storage.

Without further ado, let’s explore our top 6 tips to prepare your electronics before packing and keeping them safe in a self-storage Dubai until when next they’re needed.

Backup Data

Backing up electronic equipment with data before keeping them in a self-storage Dubai unit is vital as extra protection against damage or loss. Therefore, before you pack your electronic gadgets for storage, check any laptops, tablets, phones, or computers to back up any stored information.

Although it’s unlikely, particularly if you carefully pack your devices; however, if anything happens to them while moving them or in storage, having your device data backed up digitally will help you avoid losing any data.

Pack Into Original Packaging

Original packaging provides the best possible safety system – manufacturers tailor these packages specifically to ensure products’ safety. So, if you have the original box, pack everything back in its proper place.

Therefore, rather than regular storage containers, look for the original boxes and use them. Consider generic storage boxes only if the customized packages are no longer available since any wrapping is better than none.

Use Bubble Wrapping

As mentioned above, it’s best to use the original packaging for safety. Still, if you no longer have them, consider wrapping your electronic screens with anti-static foam to avoid static damage and keep the screens in good functioning order while in storage.

Add some other filler into the carton for additional safety, such as packing peanuts or towels. Finally, cover and tape the box to protect the electronics during transport and throughout storage; this is the best solution for safely storing electronics in a self-storage unit if you don’t have the original box.

Remove Batteries 

Before storing your electronics in a self-storage Dubai unit, you must remove parts that might deteriorate over time and damage your device. A perfect example is a battery.

These items tend to break down over time and, if left in the device, can cause severe damage – alkaline-based batteries leak potassium hydroxide, which decomposes over time, rusting in due course and ultimately damaging your stuff.

Therefore, never leave the batteries in any of your devices, either alkaline or not, before storing them. Remove batteries in all laptops, cell phones, and other electronics with removable batteries and keep them separately. But ensure you store the batteries close to your devices so you don’t lose them.

Clean And Polish Your Devices

Consider cleaning and polishing the exteriors of your electronics before putting them in a self-storage Dubai unit – you can use spray or cleaning wipes.

This is particularly essential for keyboards and other objects with openings where dirt, grits, and dust can easily infiltrate, damaging the items in the long run. Ensuring you clean them before packing them into the self-storage Dubai unit helps prevent any possible damage while in storage.

Label Cords & Accessories

DVD players, computers, and other devices have many cords and connections. Label all cords and accessories to identify which plug or cable will go into each port after retrieving them from the self-storage Dubai unit.

However, ensure you put these cords and cables in the unit’s box. Otherwise, you may risk misplacement while transporting your items to the self-storage Dubai unit. This is where hiring the best moving and packing solutions becomes very important.

Labeling your cords and accessories before storage also aids in easy retrieval and arrangement after storage.

Find A Cheap Self-Storage Dubai Facility

Regardless of the storage reason, storing your electronics in an easily accessible self-storage unit is crucial. While comparing storage solutions, prioritize facilities that offer security features like electronic gate access with personalized entry codes, personal alarmed storage units, and 24-hour video surveillance.

Also, a fence around the asset’s perimeter is part of what you should consider, and a facility manager that’s living on-site. All these are crucial to the safety of your items while in storage.

You should also consider using a climate-controlled unit. Before storing any electronic, confirm from the manufacturer’s manual to confirm if it needs to be stored at a particular temperature – only a climate-controlled unit can help you achieve that.

Extreme temperatures can damage electronics, so it’s essential to rent a temperature-controlled storage solution. With climate control, you can best keep the internal temperature and humidity levels and protect your electronics no matter the time of the year and outside weather conditions

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Store Your Electronics Carefully

Lastly, once you’ve got the perfect storage facility for your electronics, you need to move them into the storage Dubai unit with care. Here, you may need the services of professional moving and packing solutions to ensure the safety of your electronics.

Put all storage boxes off the ground—like on a shelving unit or pallet — near the back of your self-storage Dubai unit. Ensure all labels are apparent so you can rapidly recognize what’s in each box.

Overall, ensure you store all your electronic devices in the back of your unit, either on the floor or shelving, to avoid any accidents that could knock them over, and never stack excess weight on them.