Shane Harper as Josh Wheaton in God’s Not Dead

How the 2014 Christian Film God’s Not Dead Became a Hit and Spawned an...

The massively successful indie foretold the future of entertainment. It flew below the radar. It...
Robert Downey, Jr. and Tom Holland in Spider-Man

Why Spider-Man’s future in the MCU isn’t as bleak as it seems

Sony and Marvel both benefit greatly from keeping Spider-Man in the MCU. Both studios know this.
Ellen DeGeneres

How Ellen DeGeneres pioneered a platform for the streaming age

Ellentube, which was launched in October 2014 to offer bite-size content directly to fans, is now a blueprint for...
Hollywood films

Are Hollywood films losing lustre in China?

Hollywood is making more money in China's booming film market than ever. But US productions are losing market share...
Steven Spielberg

Push to ban Netflix from Oscars? It’s not that simple

The Spielberg vs. Netflix maelstrom became frenzied, particularly on Twitter, when reports surfaced that he planned to propose Oscar...
diversity to a brand

How capitalism reduced diversity to a brand

A law professor explains how corporations commodify people of color. Back in 2000, Diallo Shabazz was surprised...

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