China vowed to keep wildlife off the menu, a tough promise to keep

China Vowed to keep Wildlife off the menu, a Tough Promise to Keep

The government has moved slowly to permanently stop the sale and consumption of wild animals in the wake of...
Singapore’s Covid-19 case fatality rate is remarkably low. Why?

Singapore’s Covid-19 Case Fatality Rate is Remarkably Low. Why?

Death rates can be the byproduct of lots of testing — and a little randomness.
5 ways to prevent another 100,000 coronavirus deaths

5 Ways to Prevent Another 100,000 Coronavirus Deaths in the US (and Beyond)

It’s time to fix the glaring gaps in death data and drastically improve measures to keep the coronavirus out...
Ford and GM are making tens of thousands of ventilators.

Ford and GM are Making tens of Thousands of Ventilators. It may Already be...

From major car makers to DIY creations, we’re about to have more ventilators than we ever thought possible.
Airborne Coronavirus detected in Wuhan hospitals

Airborne Coronavirus Detected in Wuhan Hospitals

While the RNA of the virus was found in tiny droplets in China, scientists don't know if it was...
Scientists consider indoor ultraviolet light to zap coronavirus in the air

Scientists Consider indoor Ultraviolet light to zap Coronavirus in the Air

This is not what President Donald Trump incomprehensibly described in April when he suggested irradiating the insides of COVID-19...
Why you should talk to your child about the coronavirus

Why you Should Talk to Your Child About the Coronavirus

Child education specialist explains the importance of having an honest conversation with your kid about the pandemic.
How Washington state, a model for public health, plans to relax social distancing

How Washington state, a model for public health, plans to relax social distancing

The state will probably reopen its economy more slowly than the White House suggests Seattle was...
Why summer likely won’t save us from the coronavirus

Why Summer likely won’t save us from the Coronavirus

Summer weather could help slow the coronavirus. But it’s likely not enough. Some Americans are...
In times of social distancing, forming communities

In Times of Social Distancing, Forming Communities

A number of crowdfunded and community-based initiatives has come forward to combat the social and economic fallouts of the...

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