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Everybody strives to achieve content supremacy. To set up an appealing website, it is important to have a quality subject matter....
Set Up Echo Speaker

Download Alexa App to Set Up Echo Speaker: Here’s How

Got a new Echo speaker for yourself? Want to know how to download Alexa app and set up your...
Startups to make your kids app makers before they turn 10

Startups to Make Your kids App Makers Before They Turn 10

Startups such as Code Vidya, WhiteHat Jr and Hackberry are teaching kids to programme and use technology to solve...
Greg Lutze and Joel Flory

What’s next for photo-editing app VSCO?

VSCO is a popular and sophisticated photo-editing app. What more can it be? In 2013,...
digital wallet

How to get the most out of your digital wallet

A six-step guide to organising your mobile payments Even the New York City subway system...
tech to improve CSR impact

How companies can use data, tech to improve CSR impact

Investors wish to invest in companies that have long term strategy to sustainably operate and maintain harmonious relationships with...
Social Media for Breakfast

How social media has altered our relationship with food

Eat, shoot and love: A generation of Instagrammers is changing the way we eat—and cook
EMBARGO set by source

Would you want a computer to judge your risk of HIV?

Scientists say it is possible to correctly identify men at high risk by examining their existing medical records,...

How your data could be at the centre of the fight against big tech

Tech giants like Facebook and Google thrive on data collected from its users and customers. Now Andreas Mundt, Germany's...

My mom died 8 years ago. Why won’t the internet stop showing me Mother’s...

In our increasingly micro-targeted age, being hit over the head with Mother’s Day messaging feels like a technological flaw....

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