Does Dating Apps Help the Person to Find a Perfect Match?

Young woman drinking coffee and communicating with her smiling boyfriend in a cafe.

People are often turning to date sites and apps to find love. The choices are many, and the access is at the fingertips. Using them might or might not give you a proper match.

How do people connect?

According to the Relationship Australia Survey, approximately 60% of people use dating apps, and out of these only, 25% found their real partner.

Australia Talk National Survey conducted the ABC report in which 35% of people found their partner online.

How does online dating apps works 

Online dating apps provide users with many prospective suitors and take the help of algorithms to provide the proper match based on likes and dislikes. For introverted and shy people, these dating apps help in less interaction and confrontation to initiate a connection.

With the help of messages, video calls, or phone calls, one can get to know the match better before meeting personally.

The Disadvantages of Dating apps 

On the one hand, one can get the right mate by the potential opportunities, but there are some cautions one must take before getting closer. According to the records, the chances of finding the right match is quite low.

While having an account on a dating site, one must remember that one might not find the ideal match they are looking for. The rejection faced can be hurtful, especially for those sensitive to the rejections. 

Many choices lead to a greater confusion of whom to choose and whom to reject. It gives personal choices based on interests, likes-dislikes and even based personalities.

A person is likely to be chosen based on the picture, and it’s hard to get the first impression based on the picture. Much of the impression is based on how they speak, initiate the conversation, or carry themselves. These are the aspects one relies on.

The online website allows the person to be fake, fake about themself, the one they are never is and will be. This gives a false impression which could create an obstacle sometime later in the relationship.

The algorithms websites use does not potentially portray the true identity. The questionnaire can be problematic and can intentionally or not intentionally portray the wrong impression. The matches are made based on similarities and the same impression. Sometimes these similarities don’t work as the user chooses the options to boost their profile or for amusement.

These apps don’t help capture and know how the couples behave with each other, how they face difficulties over time, and how everything affects their relationship. Also, if a match keeps it virtual most of the time, the other matches lose interest.

Honest Advice: 

Be Patient and Be choosy over the selection. Choose wisely. Interact with the match, get to know each other.  Don’t be too personal while chatting. Quality over Quantity is advisable for better assessment to know the real intention.

When the match is selected, please get to know each other and meet when suitable.