How to Transform Your Business Idea – An Insight from SAP Specialist Chris Salis


When deciding between starting a business and waiting for things to get back to normal after COVID, it can be quite frustrating to wait a little longer than to start a business now. Since the decision to start a business is not an easy task, you may be looking for expert advice like that of Chris Salis SAP to avoid future mistakes as a new entrepreneur in the marketplace.

If you have a business idea, you are probably wondering whether you should start a traditional business or join an existing one. Here are four pieces of advice from Chris Salis on how to rethink your business idea and ensure your startup is successful.

Know your audience

You need to develop a product and audience that meets the needs of your customer base. Any business that does not know who its customers are will fail.

Get creative with your product

What is your product capable of? Is it durable? Do you want something for yourself or someone else? Your product will always be something that does not exist yet. So think about how you can make it stand out from the competition.

Build credibility

You need to be credible before you can build credibility and vice versa. Customers give their business to someone they believe in – if they do not believe in you, they will not hire you.

Listen to the feedback, and act on it

Once customers trust you enough to buy your products, they need to know that their issues will be resolved effectively and efficiently at all times – in other words, they need a service contract that keeps them informed of their ongoing concerns and issues with your products and services.

Going digital

Since the onset of the COVID crisis, many companies have come to believe in the power of modern digital infrastructure. Whether it’s a startup or an existing business, investing in digitization will make customers, employees, and management stronger than ever.

Introduce new software to your business

Chris Salis believes that introducing new software can help you achieve the growth you have envisioned for your business in less time. One of the latest software like SAP can help you provide your business partners with information when they need it. Imagine having software do all the data entry for you and save you extra money.

Chris Salis says, “A lot of people think SAP is only for larger companies, but they have not realized the potential for small business owners.”

Small or mid-sized businesses think they can not compete with the big giants. Of course, they can not in the short term, but they can gain a competitive advantage if they use SAP correctly. With this powerful software, you can build customer focus while gaining the trust of the masses in your product, and you’ll see yourself go from a small business idea to a brand that can take on the big giants.

Christopher Salis gained these insights after working for large companies like Business Objects. He served as a senior manager and executive director while also serving as the CEO’s chief of staff. As an SAP expert and business manager for SAP and Business Objects, he helped the company achieve 300% revenue growth in 2011. Currently, Chris Salis is a business consultant who builds startup credibility through his technical knowledge and trusted insights.