The TEFL Academy Review – Why choose The TEFL Academy USA?


When it comes to TEFL courses online, we need to be sure that the course we choose is reputable. We can read the TEFL course provider’s website all day long, but it makes sense to hear about them from the people who we know are going to tell the truth – the students themselves. 

Today let’s look at one of the more popular TEFL course providers: The TEFL Academy. 

The TEFL Academy Reviews has an average rating of 4.87 from 485 reviews on In fact, The TEFL Academy won the Go Overseas Overall Top TEFL Course Provider award in 2021.

But what do students who have done The TEFL Academy’s courses say:

Blaine from South Africa said that the course was very good and easy to use and understand. He says: “It was not a difficult program and it gives you all the tools you will need to learn how to teach a language to someone and it also give you a buff on your vocabulary and English usage. You do need to study on your own so it entails you to have a strong will to go through the course. When you do your assignments be sure to read through the instructions with careful understanding and do not be afraid to contact if you need any help because there are people who will assist you when you need it. In all it was a good learning experience.”

Maria from Poland noted the easy access to course materials, great support system and the clear presentation of information in the course as highlights for her. She says: “The online TEFL course is a very good option for anyone who wants to become a certified ESL teacher but doesn’t have time to attend courses in real life. The course website offers a variety of useful information and tips on teaching different age groups of students. Each unit contains not only text presentations on the topic but also plenty of engaging exercises to check your understanding. The access to the course is time limited but it is more than enough to complete all units with assignments. Overall, the course was a pleasant and enriching experience.” 

On Hello Peter, The TEFL Academy is ranked #14 in Education. It has an average score of 4.93 out of 425 reviews. 

Michelle writes: “I had a very pleasant experience with The TEFL Academy. The course content was extremely informative and the team at the TEFL Academy are very helpful and efficient. My assignments were marked very quickly and my queries were sorted out within hours, at the longest 2 days. The 168 hour course really prepared me to teach English as a foreign language and also provided me with the tools and resources to become a better teacher. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to do a TEFLs course.”

 Over on Trust Pilot, The TEFL Academy has an average score of 4.8 (Excellent) from 538 reviews. 88% Of all the reviews rank The TEFL Academy 5*.

Mark completed the course in October 2022. He thought the course was “fantastic”. He says: “It wasn’t easy but I was grateful for that as it helped me to learn and become a better teacher. The structure and video content is easy to follow and I learned so much. I feel confident from doing this course to start teaching.”

In a nutshell, if we were to judge The TEFL Academy on the reviews from their students, we shouldn’t have any doubts about the quality of the course.