Understanding NAPLAN Online Practice Test

NAPLAN Online Practice Test
NAPLAN online practice test are offered in an online test environment for students to familiarize themselves with formal NAPLAN exams.

NAPLAN is an exam used to test your child’s fundamental writing, reading, language practices, and numeracy skills. It intends to test students in Year 3,5, 7, and 9.  With that in mind, it would be best to emphasize solid building numeracy and literacy skills. Numeracy and literacy skills are the fundamentals for the NAPLAN test, as all other aspects of learning rely on them. It calls for students to build a strong foundation on these skills. And parents and teachers should see the students’ NAPLAN test performance from a national perspective. 

The Uniqueness And Effectiveness Of The NAPLAN Online Practice Test

The NAPLAN test assesses skills that are usually developed over some time. While literacy and numeracy skills are continuously improved and developed from one year to another, preparing a day for the test may be ineffective. It includes a range of question formats and interactive features. It allows students to answer respective questions by typing, clicking, and dragging. With that said, here is what you need to know to understand the NAPLAN Online Practice test. 


Adjustments for disabled students include visual and audio alternate format questions to help them access NAPLAN. It includes information on disability adjustment scenarios and interviews with parents, students, and teachers. 


A timer is displayed on the screen to show the time allocated for NAPLAN tests under normal test conditions. Students can let the timer display or hide,  but it will always display during the last 5 minutes of the actual test. It gives students an alert that the time allowed is almost winding up.

Tailor-Made Tests

NAPLAN online tests are adaptive for students at each level to start with similar questions. Depending on students’ answers to the initial question, the next could be easier or harder. The challenge exposes students to great opportunities and lets them demonstrate their capabilities.  


Some questions require headphones since they include sound in the writing, spelling,  and numeracy tests. The conventions of language tests contain spelling questions with audio dictation. Disabled students who cannot hear the audio are provided with alternative questions without audio dictation. An audio file is attached to the writing prompt and each numeracy question. It makes the literacy demands of the questions allow students to access the tests. Students using cochlear implants or hearing aids may use the specialized headphones they access in the classroom.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The test questions can be interacted with via keyboard shortcuts. It allows students to familiarize themselves with these shortcuts— they can rely on the public demonstration site for help. 

Numeracy Tools

The numeracy questions include access to online tools such as a protractor, ruler,  or calculator. When either tool is allowed to be used, an appropriate icon will appear in the top right-hand corner of the test screen. The student must click on the appropriate icon to use it, and it can be moved around the screen. The tool can also be minimized by clicking the icon. For NAPLAN Years 7 and 9, the question allows the use of calculators. Students get an alert that they’ve reached a point where the calculator becomes active for the test. 


For the NAPLAN Online Practice Test, there is access to a range of single and package assessments for each year 3,5,7, and 9. It allows the selection of either an individual or a bundle of tests that accurately simulate NAPLAN assessments. These practice tests are offered in an online test environment for students to familiarize themselves with formal NAPLAN exams. The awareness of exam techniques also helps students build confidence and do their best.