Grow Your Start-up With Expert Advice From Christopher Salis


For start-up owners, one thing that matters the most is to make the right move that ultimately fuels the growth of their business. As a founder, you are likely well aware of the fact that every small decision can bring drastic changes in the overall business dynamics. Well, this is where the need for extraordinary business advice becomes imperative.

Christopher Salis is a renowned personality who has contributed to the growth of various start-ups with his useful advice. He is a successful startup advisor and business strategy consultant. Moreover, he is a famous personality in the tech industry, all thanks to his knowledge of technologies that help businesses achieve speedy growth. His exceptional knowledge of the tools and technologies for businesses has helped him succeed as an SAP specialist.

Why Take Advice From Christopher Salis?

Christopher Salis has several years of experience when it comes to giving advice that actually helps new businesses to touch new heights of success. He has the right knowledge and skills that he uses to assist businesses in making decisions that can prove beneficial for them.

Not only does Christopher help businesses to find new opportunities in the market, but also provides assistance in creating strategies to make the most out of those opportunities. Also, with his deep understanding of the technologies designed to streamline business activities, he can guide start-ups to choose whatever suits them the best.

For Chris, the employees of a company are the most precious assets that decide the future of the business. He also emphasizes the role of clear communication within the team and with stakeholders to accomplish projects and ensure high-quality deliverables. He can help a business to manage and strengthen its team and ensure effective communication.

A Quick Overview of the Achievements of Christopher Salis

Christopher Salis holds a Bachelor’s degree that he got from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, US. After completing his studies, he worked for Adecco Employment Services. There he worked as an IT procurement manager, senior IT buyer, and strategic sourcing manager. He was in charge of controlling the selection and management process of the IT supplier base and also negotiated several contracts.

He then left Adecco Employment Services to work for several MNCs, including eBay and Gap, Inc. While working in these companies he enhanced his knowledge and skills which helped him boost his professional career.

He joined an SAP company named Business Objects in 2006 where he assumed multiple roles, including Executive Director and Chief of Staff-Office of the CEO. In Business Objects, he was responsible for managing the operation of SAP’s Ecosystem.

Summing it Up

Christopher Salis is an expert start-up advisor who can help new businesses to develop effective strategies. Also, he is a go-to person for companies who need help to strengthen their operations and achieve sustainable growth.