Sean Tarpenning – Entrepreneur & CEO at USREEB

sean tarpenning

Sean Tarpenning is an entrepreneur with skills in investment, sales, real estate, strategic planning, marketing, property management, portfolio management, negotiation, customer service, and REO. Currently, he is working as CEO at USREEB Kansas City, MO, USA, a one-stop investment avenue offering Equities.

As a CEO at USREEB, he directs the operational aspects of a company; Sean Tarpenning can set the tone, vision, and sometimes the culture of their organization. In support of his friends, family, and communities, Sean Tarpenning has made numerous contributions to local schools, sports teams, and many more.

Entrepreneurship is one of the most challenging and demanding career paths one can ever take in their life. Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of commitment and hard work. So, Sean Tarpenning has shared his experience with others to become a successful entrepreneur.

Sean’s primary focus is to provide investors with the best cash-flowing properties in Kansas City. He also has an established in-house property management company, USREEBPM, which provides management services to investors. Sean Tarpenning is a Fund Manager at Investor; he is entirely responsible for the strategy implementation of the decided fund and its portfolio trading activities.

Sean Tarpenning, CEO at USREEB

USREEB is an investment avenue that offers exclusive investment advisory services. The firm ensures excellent personal attention, innovative wealth management advisory, and client confidentiality. Sean assures the organization and its mission, products, programs, and services are consistently presented to the relevant stakeholders in a robust and positive image.

Sean Tarpenning is also a motivator. According to him, if people like to motivate their people, they must be motivated first. Secondly, they have to know their people well and their actual needs and expectations. But it is a difficult task because people usually don’t like expressing their actual needs. They express it in different ways, and most of the time, it is misinterpreted by their managers. 

So, a good leader must invest their time, effort, and observation to discover the actual needs of their team members. Since different people expect differently, they need to be motivated by different motivational factors.