Pre-Shipment Inspection China| What Is A Pre-Shipment Inspection?

pre shipment inspection china
A pre-shipment inspection ensures that the supplier has manufactured your products to your specifications and packed them as required by your purchase contract.

Conducting pre-shipment inspection is essential in checking quality control. We buy goods and receive them once they are shipped but don’t know what happened behind on the company’s side— how they keep the quality of the projects. It is essential to have ore shipment inspection in supply chain management to control the quality of products after the production process. since most manufacturing units use PSI to check the quality control of products, outsourcing pre-shipment inspection in china assures you the quality of the product is good enough for shipment. 

What Is The Purpose Of Pre-Shipment Inspection?

A pre-shipment inspection ensures that the supplier has manufactured your products to your specifications and packed them as required by your purchase contract. It is randomly conducted from a sample of products taken from the shipment. It is performed once the manufacturing run is complete and at least 80% of the order has been packed. Since the products are randomly from your sample order, it ensures you get an accurate view of the order without needing to inspect every product.

It reduces the risk of bad quality products or other related issues to production that is present and missed. In other terms, products are checked for quality before being shipped. It also reduces the risks of delivery delays or products realized to have grave issues. 

Here Are The Steps Involved In Pre-Shipment Inspection

  • Quantity Verification

First, the inspection professionals verify the quantity of packaged products matching the orders. They count the parcels while matching them with the orders to ascertain the correct quantity. They also perform the inspection to check the safety and quantity of products.

  • Workmanship Checking

After verification, the products are also checked for workmanship defects and errors regarding product specifications. In this step, products are selected from the batch and go through a professional checkup for label,  package, tag, and instruction based on demands. It makes it easier to reject the defective products and the rest of the parcels prepared for shipment.

  • Safety And Functional Test

The inspection experts check the products for safety measurements. They analyze packages to ensure they are well-sealed and safe. At this step, they conduct product checks for; Mechanical safety checks, Electrical safety checks, and Fire safety checks.

Once done,  the functional test is carried out. The products go through several tests like; Carton drop testing, Stretch test, Pull test, and Fatigue test. These tests ensure the quality control of packages. 

Methods Of Quality Control And Pre-Shipment Inspection

  • Consignment-Wise Inspection

With this system, each consignment, in packed condition, is subjected to detailed inspection. The inspection agency conducts the inspection based on a statistical sampling plan. If the goods conform to the utmost quality, they issue the inspection certificate, which carries a validity period before the export consignment is shipped. It’s an application system for all commodities except those undergoing in-process quality control.

  • In-Process Quality Control 

Some commodities, such as allied products, ceramics,  linoleum, sanitary wares, and printing ink, come under the purview of In-process quality control. If there’s a continuous process industry, there’s an option for these products to become approved “export-worthy” units since they possess the requisite infrastructure for processing products of standard quality. 

Benefits Of Pre-Shipment Inspection Policy

Pre-shipment inspection policy plays an essential role in products before they are made ready for delivery. It helps solve potential problems that require quality control in manufacturing units. Pre-shipment inspection in china makes it easier since you don’t want to ship low-quality, and no importer will wish to them. With that said, here are some of the benefits of PSI

  • Effective and effortless communication between suppliers and importers
  • Improved quality products and fewer disruptions
  • Efficient and cost-effective vendors inspection 
  • Better consumer relationship
  • Reduce the risk of defective products
  • Prevent losses
  • Reduce the risk of being a fraud
  • Save time and money

Besides many benefits, a pre-shipment inspection ensures products meet the required standard that aligns with clients’ demands. Therefore, it’s a practice that should be considered regarding quality control.


Pre shipment inspection china inspection assures you of incredible quality control of production units. Besides providing outstanding services, working with inspection professionals provides tailor-made assistance from highly qualified staff. It, in turn, grants you benefits associated with procurement and buying.