Get Affordable and Bespoke House and Land Packages in Perth


Are you dreaming of moving into your first home in Perth, comprising your desired location, preferred environment, interior design, decor, landscaping, and other varied requisites? So it’s time to put an end to the manifestation and enter your most anticipated house. We understand the difficulties one has to go through before planning their first home, coupled with existing rental complexities and budget calculations.

The First Home Owners Center provides the necessary information, guides you in getting your dream home, and offers the best-in-class house and land packages in Perth. We aim to deliver first-rate services, accommodating individuals’ budgets and preferences regarding a variety of facets of their dream homes, and efficiently eliminating rental concerns. And the other thing we have concluded from helping a number of people across Perth get their desired homes without breaking the bank is that owning a home is no less than a necessity for living life in your own way!

Get Into The FHOC Houses Search Bar And Let Yourself Live The Dream!

There is nothing impossible when you put your endeavors on the right path and shape them into success. The only thing you need is the support that pushes you to be persistent in your efforts. The First Home Owners Center works with the same goal of assisting individuals with their dream of buying their first home and provides the essential support for fulfilling that dream.

We have a myriad of home and land packages in Perth, full of sophisticated and contemporary designs in different locations. You can easily locate your preferred location for your house, facilitating all your requirements and can get in-depth, detailed information on your desired home design, floor plan, and other things that need to be contemplated. With FHOC, everything is possible when it comes to owning a home of your choice and living the dream!

No more pushy salespeople and perplexing jargon! The First Home Owners Center is happy to help you with:

  • Doing the sums

Find out what you can afford and what you’re comfortable spending without scrutiny.

  • Availing you to Choose Your Lifestyle

Where do you want to live? Do you wish to live near the beach, schools, shopping, or your place of employment? We got all the options for your personalized requirement.

  •  Your budget! You select a package!

Choose a design from our wonderful array of houses that fits your budget and lifestyle.

There is no point in waiting any longer and just fixing the budget for your dream home. It requires nothing but a dream full of fiery enthusiasm to own a home as soon as possible. Get in touch with us, and we will assist you in getting your choice of home.