Different Ways to Advertise your Brand with Window Graphics

custom perforated vinyl window graphics

Size of business aside, there’s little you can do to attract customers without spending a lot. So multinational companies to small businesses have to become strategic, making the most of their unused space and budget. And the best way to do that is by utilizing window graphics. Using customized window graphics, you can easily dress up your store to have a more visual impact on customers enticing those to enter and purchase something.

Custom perforated vinyl window graphics are a surprisingly affordable way to establish your brand and speak to customers while using highly visible surfaces like your business’s windows, doors, and vehicles. Custom perforated vinyl window graphics are more affordable than paint, and they offer several other benefits for your business or your brand.

Vinyl Graphics:

  • Are fully customizable and adjustable
  • Provide flexible design options to meet all demands
  • Are easy to update for new promotions or seasons
  • Offer quality finished products with UV-curved ink
  • Are completely waterproof
  • Come in a variety of vinyl substrates to withstand all types of environments

Storefront Window Graphics to Promote Sale

  • Window graphics are typically less in cost than other forms of advertising. With that, business or brand owners can easily change window graphics to promote specific deals the company may be running. They can also be used to be fun, adding color and excitement to a storefront. If window graphics are left unchanged, they can last up to three years.  However, changing them ever so often can help attract attention and keep storefronts refreshed. As a business or brand owner, your primary focus is to catch the attention of those nearby, drawing them inside and keeping them constantly aware of your brand.
  • A typical window won’t be able to provide much information about your business. Instead, people will be left wondering if you are open or why they should go inside since it looks like every other store. But when you set yourself apart from the traditional store windows with the store name, hours of operation, forms of payment accepted, and other information, you will gain customers’ attention. You will be able to turn heads and attract consumers inside the location. Custom perforated vinyl window graphics can work as store signage by helping you save time and money.
  • Window graphics are typically the first thing consumers will see as they approach your location. You can advertise your products, special events or perhaps better showcase the culture of your business via the graphics on your storefront windows. Custom perforated vinyl window graphics are perfect for changing the look of your storefront and even help the store seem more exclusive. These vinyl graphics look solid from the outside, but those who are inside can see them. This provides the business with the privacy needed to create a comforting atmosphere and culture while still conveying your message to consumers. 

Use custom perforated vinyl window graphics to take advantage of your existing highly visible real estate in your storefront windows and doors. Add window vinyl graphics that promote a current sale or event. Vinyl window graphics are very easy to remove and replace and do not damage the existing structure. In addition, custom perforated vinyl window graphics are very affordable and easy to replace, so your business can easily update them throughout the year and even reuse season vinyl graphics year over year.

There is no stopping the possibilities of window graphics. As a business, you have to recognize the benefits to all your marketing efforts and discover the best fit to the needs of your business.