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pre-shipment inspection in China
Pre-Shipment Inspection In China

Products should not be transported unless they are of high quality. If quality criteria are not met, the exporter’s reputation suffers, and future export orders are virtually eliminated. Generally, quality delivers recurring orders to exporters. Thus, export markets should not risk items shipped outside the nation. The country’s reputation would also be at risk; thus, the government has taken many steps to preserve high-quality export standards. 

It Is Possible To Perform Product Inspections Under

(i)  Inspection of individual shipments

(ii) in-process quality control.

(iii) Self-Certification

Regarding consignment-level inspection, the pre-shipment inspection must be completed before the excise authorities seal the packets.

What Exactly Is A Pre Shipment China Inspection?

A pre-shipment inspection is used by trade operators (buyers, suppliers, and agencies) to examine newly made goods before they are delivered for export or import.

  • Examine the product amount and quality.
  • Examine the product for flaws.
  • Ascertain that the items fulfill the destination market’s safety criteria.
  • Create an import and billing report.

Pre-shipment inspections were first implemented in 1994 as part of an agreement to strengthen global trade standards under the General Agreement (GATT), which was later superseded by the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Our Important Steps Before The Pre-Shipment Inspection In China

Our professional pre-shipment inspection in China assures suppliers that their products are ready to be sent to their destination market. This procedure includes essential steps, but before delving into them, let’s recap the basics of pre-shipment inspection in China.

When you decide to conduct a pre shipment inspection China, you will almost certainly hire our third-party inspection organization like Insight Quality Services. The firm will then assign you an inspector based on where your items are made. 


➢ Inspector Visits The Factory- The inspector has to go to the location where your products are made for the first stage. When the inspector arrives, they will often meet with the sales manager in charge of your purchase before starting the inspection.

➢ Inspector Takes A Sample- The inspector is now prepared to remove samples from your products for inspection after the preliminary steps. The examination guarantees the caliber of your goods.


➢ Perform Specialised Tests: Some items may need further testing to verify quality because of their usefulness or unique characteristics.

➢ Verify The Packaging And Labels: As previously stated, pre shipment inspection in China happens after all your items have been created and are about 80% packaged. Even well-constructed items might arrive broken owing to inadequate packing.

➢ Visual Examination Of The Good: The inspector will visually check the selected examples for apparent flaws, such as missing screws or peeling paint. They are also looking for general craftsmanship.

➢ Functional Evaluation: Functional testing entails utilizing the product to ensure it functions properly.

➢ Examine The Physical Requirements: When you order a product from a Chinese firm, you will provide them with your height, weight, length, and other parameters. One of the product inspector’s responsibilities is to confirm that the completed product satisfies these criteria.

➢ Verification Of Barcodes: Although the barcode appears as a minor element of the shipping problem, it can create substantial delays and complications if incorrect.

➢ Test Of Carton Drop: A carton drop test will determine whether the packing is robust enough to endure falling, stacking, ripping, or rupturing during transportation.


The inspection business is now ready to provide a report based on its results after finishing 

the previous nine processes. It covers, among other things, each of the tests performed and their outcomes. It also contains photographs of any flaws or areas of concern.

A pre-shipment inspection is an effective technique for ensuring the distribution of high-quality items that fulfill your criteria and your customers’ expectations. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements if you want more information about our pre-shipment inspection services.

Branding Manufacturing Services Limited serves a wide range of manufacturing disciplines before pre shipment inspection China. Each of our inspectors has received professional training to guarantee that our services are of the highest quality.