How To Use Epoxy Paint Singapore For Professional Waterproofing Results?

epoxy paint singapore
Worker applying a yellow epoxy resin bucket on floor.

Epoxy paint is one of the most widely used industrial and commercial coatings. Therefore, epoxy paint Singapore is popular for both residential and commercial projects. Epoxy paints are known for their superior durability, chemical resistance, and temperature tolerance capabilities. It can bond to many surfaces, including wood, concrete, glass, metal, ceramic tile, aluminum, and more. That makes epoxy paint an ideal choice for waterproofing applications in Singapore as it protects against water damage due to its thickness and physical composition.

Application Process

Step 1. Clean the surface

The first step in the epoxy application process involves cleaning the surface area that needs to be coated with epoxy so that it is free of dust, dirt, and debris. Depending on your surface type, use a detergent and warm water to clean the area or a power washer for tougher surfaces like concrete.

Step 2. Surface Preparation

Once the epoxy paint application area has been cleaned thoroughly, use sandpaper or a wire brush to remove any cracks or chips that may be present on the surface.

Step 3. Prepare epoxy paint

One should prepare the epoxy paint well correctly before it gets applied. Please read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when mixing epoxy paints, as they come in two parts that need to be mixed for optimal results. Also, ensure that you follow all safety precautions when handling epoxy paint, as it can be hazardous to the skin and eyes.

Step 4. Application

Once the epoxy is mixed, apply it to the surface with a brush or roller. Make sure you cover every inch of the surface in epoxy for optimal waterproofing results. Allow epoxy paint to dry after application as per the manufacturer’s instructions before proceeding with any further activities in the area.

How to care for an epoxy floor?

There are several tips and tricks for epoxy floor care to keep your epoxy floor looking its best for many years.

1. Clean regularly

Make sure to clean your epoxy floor regularly using only mild detergents and warm water. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive tools, as these may damage the epoxy coating.

2. Apply a sealing coat

A sealing coat should be applied once every year or two, depending on the area’s foot traffic and general wear and tear. That will help extend the life of the epoxy paint and maintain its waterproofing capabilities.

3. Avoid unnecessary wear and tear

Avoid dragging heavy objects across the epoxy floor, as this can cause scratches and damage to the epoxy coating. If you need to move heavy items, use a trolley or other protective material between the epoxy floor and the object being moved.


Epoxy paint is an excellent choice for waterproofing applications in Singapore due to its superior durability, chemical resistance, and temperature tolerance capabilities. Keep your epoxy floors looking their best by cleaning them regularly and applying a sealing coat every so often. Following these tips will help ensure that epoxy paint Singapore provides great waterproofing results for your project.