Exciting ways to customize your perfume boxes

Custom Perfume Packaging
Custom Perfume Boxes

Perfumes are considered luxury products by some and everyday products by others. Although they are not essential goods yet are highly desired by many. Consequently, the perfume market is divided into two segments i.e., the affluent customers demanding luxury perfumes and the middle class looking for economical fragrances.

Besides quality, what differentiates the two product categories is their packaging. Therefore, nowadays small brands are also upgrading their products by going for custom-made perfume boxes. Here is how you can do that with BCB: 


We make perfume packaging boxes from a range of materials. These are 10pt to 28pt Kraft, Cardboard, Corrugated and Colored Stock. So, you have multiple options to choose from.

It gives you a chance to tailor the packaging as per your budget and your product requirements. Furthermore, these materials are eco-friendly.

So, you can minimize the ecological impact of your business processes. This ultimately helps in fulfilling your corporate social responsibility (CSR). 


Perfumes come in a range of sizes depending upon the volume of the product to be filled inside. Consequently, a standard-sized box for all your products is not a good idea. Firstly, it would undermine the outlook of your product.

Secondly, if the bottle does not fit in properly, there is a risk of damage during distribution. Lastly, using large boxes for small bottles would mean that you are wasting a lot of your resources.

All in all, you need to customize the size of your perfume boxes according to the bottle size. With BCB, you can do that easily.  


People love to buy perfumes in cute bottles. However, for different shapes, you need to customize the box shape as well. After all, packaging and not the bottle is the first thing the customers are going to see.

With us, you can get perfume packaging boxes in any shape such as: tuck top type, straight and reverse tuck type, two-piece style, and semi-auto lock boxes. 


BCB is a complete experience. We help you customize not only the outer shape of the box but also the interior.

In this way, the vial fits in the box just like they were made for each other. It also ensures complete protection, considering the fragility of the glass vial. 


We can customize your perfume boxes in any color of your choice. In this way, you can pick a color that goes well with the fragrance to create a fully thematic outlook.

On top of that color, you can have a gloss finish, matte finish, spot UV, blind UV or spread UV, etc. 


Besides plain packaging(non-printed), we also offer design printing i.e., CMYK, PMS, and Digital, etc. You can get any design printed on the box to make it more appealing.

With creative designs from our designers, your box is sure to grab customers’ attention when it is placed on a shelf full of other perfumes.  


Not completely satisfied with your box yet? Here is the solution! We provide a range of add-ons to complement your customized package. For example, you can get silver or gold foiling on your perfume boxes.

Another possible add-on is a custom die-cut window, which is a growing trend these days. Additionally, we offer to emboss, debossing, and stamping services too. So, you can print your brand logo on the box to create a strong brand identity.

Furthermore, we can print any message you want to convey to the customer, be it product information or anything else. 

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Finding it difficult to customize your packaging? Don’t worry. We’ll do it for you. Visit our catalog now and choose from a range of variations. In addition to this, our representatives are always available to help you shop more conveniently.

Contact us and let us create the best-customized box for your products. Our empty perfume boxes will make your perfume a complete product, good enough to fulfill the demands of your customers.

You must be thinking about the financials now. No worries. We are a cost-effective solution to your packaging problems.

With our wholesale perfume boxesyou can upgrade your products while remaining within your budget. Hence, grab more sales with a little investment. Increased revenues! 

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