How do I use Google Pay on my watch 4?


. Once you enable Google Pay in the Galaxy Watch 5, you can send or receive money from your linked bank accounts with just one touch on your wrist.

The smartwatch will instantly transfer funds via NFC (Near Field Communication) or QR codes to your linked credit or debit card. All of this can be done with a wave of your hand, eliminating the need to enter your phone password or PIN to pay for purchases.

Since the Galaxy Watch 5 has an embedded barcode Smart watch with google pay scanner, you can use it to make mobile payments for food, retail, and transit tickets.

The main drawback to the Galaxy Watch 5 is its limited selection of compatible apps. Samsung’s own apps are included, but there are only a handful of other third-party apps that can be added. While those third-party apps may be more useful to some folks, you may be looking for an app that doesn’t come from Samsung’s store. There’s no dedicated Google Pay app, so the Galaxy Watch 5 is not the best option if you’re looking to add more functionality to your watch.

Beware: The Galaxy Watch 5 comes with a two-year limited warranty, but the manufacturer makes no mention of Google Pay support in that warranty. Google’s website says it will last at least three years under normal use.