Danny John Gluszkiewicz: Benefits of Working with an Insurance Broker


When your circumstances are overwhelming or complex when Insuring something unusual, you must consider hiring an insurance broker. These are professional individuals in the insurance market with the knowledge to help you find better coverage at a great price. Danny Gluszkiewicz is one of the renewed professionals in insurance. He has extensive experience as a broker and underwriter,  with over 20 years experience in the insurance industry. 

Who is an insurance broker?

Insurance brokers are professional regulated financial advisers specializing in general insurance to help you decide what type of insurance and level of cover you need and recommend a suitable policy at a price you can afford. They act as intermediaries between their clients and an insurance company. 

Since it’s their professional area, they have deep knowledge of the complexities of insurance policies and effectiveness in analyzing the many different companies available. in their line of business, and they take clients’ interests as a priority. With that said, here are the benefits you’ll get while working with an insurance broker.

  • You’ll save on insurance rates and receive faster claim payouts.

With their vast experience, insurance brokers have worked with several insurers. Therefore they make tailor-made considerations that best serve clients’ interests to ensure they get the right policy that suits their budget. Additionally, with their excellent relationship with the insurance company, they can negotiate competitive rates and available discounts.

  • They Take Care of Your Claims

When making claims, an insurance broker might speak to lose adjusters and claims departments. They put in maximum effort for you, so you don’t have to worry,  which reduces the chances of your claim being rejected.

  • They protect you from dishonest conduct.

Since its a requirement for insurance brokers to have an insurance license to comply, the process involves keeping up with up- to-date education, professional competence, insurance-related financial services, and ethical conduct. It, in turn, gives you confidence that you’ll be treated fairly to the best of your interests. 

What to look for when choosing to work with an insurance broker

If you have tried to insure something,  you probably understand the struggles of finding the right business insurance policy for the right price that suits your budget. Most of the policies offered by insurers are stock standard and delivered to any business in any industry, making them inadequate for some companies. While looking forward to working with insurance policies for your unique business, here are the areas you need to focus on.

  • Why do you need to cover
  • What you want to include on your cover
  • How much can you afford
  • How long might you need cover for
  • Do you want to cover for yourself or your loved one


If you are on the move to take insurance cover for your business, home,  vehicle, or family insurance, an insurance broker plays an essential role in these aspects. He’ll help you determine your insurance needs and what insurance is for your needs. Insurance brokers typically work for you and not for an insurance company. It assures you that they take your interests as a top priority. For any form of insurance assistance, Danny John Gluszkiewicz is ready to help you learn more about insurance and how he can help you buy the right policy for your needs.