Highly Effective Business Development Manager | Kyril Irish Mei Fuentes

Kyril Irish Mei Fuentes

Kyril Irish Mei Fuentes has worked in FinTech, Crypto, and blockchain for over a decade, helping launch several successful companies in each. She gives business advice on maximizing development opportunities and using cutting-edge technology to better people’s lives. Kim has vast expertise serving as a project manager for ventures including FinTech, Blockchain, Game Fi, DeFi, NFT, and cryptocurrencies. OKX, BitGet, MEXC Global, RCT.Ai, PetNet, OctaFX, and many more are among her famous clientele.

Kyril is eager to put her business acumen to use, having earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Marketing) from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. By offering novel goods and services to help clients better manage their finances, she intends to effect a tidal shift in the unbanked sector. She likes to check out the latest tech news and attend music festivals when she’s not busy with school or work. Kyril is a Filipino supporter of progressive technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Highly Effective Business Development Managers Share A Particular Set Of Characteristics

The ability to learn, unlearn, and relearn in today’s fast-paced corporate environment is crucial. Every so often, a Business Development rep must relearn what they know and learn something new.

The way of thinking that puts consumers ahead of profits In the role of business development representative, the customer should always come first. Increasing profits is less important than providing the best possible solution for the customer. To keep a customer coming back, you should constantly strive to exceed their expectations.

Analytical Competence – An effective Business Development Representative recognizes who they are up against and what makes them unique. In-depth market research is necessary to access attractive proposal and development opportunities.

Successful organizations place a premium on their employees’ networking skills. To find new, perhaps more lucrative customers, we often ignore our present audience. Our current clientele must be nurtured, and we must discover methods to give them more of their desires.

That winning mentality – When approaching a potential client, it is essential to remember that gatekeepers are on your side. The best way to put them at ease is to develop a positive attitude. It would help if you exuded an infectiously upbeat and lively positivity that draws others to you. Success will be much easier if you approach daily with endless enthusiasm and a “can do” attitude.

Confidence in decision-making – As a Business Development manager, Kyril Irish Mei Fuentes faces challenging daily decisions. The reason should underpin all decisions. Consequently, good discernment is a skill that has to be refined and maintained over time.

Sales skills are crucial for any organization looking to expand. They are vital to any successful sales process and always will be. Business Development must understand the needs of a prospect before making a sale.

The Business Development manager’s efforts to grow the company’s clientele and revenue stream are crucial to the company’s overall success. Managers in charge of business development are entrusted with maximizing profits via collaboration. It’s a demanding profession, to be sure, but also a very rewarding one. If you have the motivation and assurance in yourself, nothing can stop you from being a very successful Business Development Manager.