How Common Gum Disease Are Caused

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What Are Gum Diseases

Gum diseases are periodontal diseases that inflame the tissues surrounding the tooth due to poor dental health. As a result, it damages the gum, which can destroy the jawbone. It’s most familiar with varying conditions and sensitivity. 

How To Know If You Suffer From Gum Disease

Bleeding teeth while flossing is a common sign of gum disease as the gums become swollen. It is a sign that needs dental attention.

How Common Gum Disease Are Caused

We all know that gums hold teeth firmly to their place. However, there is a small space left, the sulcus, where food sticks quickly, and causing gum disease when no dental health is observed. Here are the standard ways gum disease is caused.

  • Plaque Buildup

If you fail to brush your teeth regularly, a thin film of bacteria will form in your teeth and gums that are plaque. This plaque advances and hardens to form tartar. You will be affected by gum disease when the plaque extends below the gumline.

  • Genetics

Not sure about the cause of your gum disease? There is a need to look back at your family history then explain to your dentist at best Hawthorne dentist clinic road. Yes, it’s expected that the history of your family gum problems could also put you at the risk of developing a bacterial infection. As a result, you might develop gum disease.

  • Crooked Teeth

It’s widespread to find someone’s teeth not correctly aligned. For example, they might have overlapping or crowded teeth. With crowded teeth, you might be at high risk of dental problems as they form a breeding ground for gum disease. It’s because they create space where plaque might build up, which harms your teeth and gums.

  • Nutritional Deficiencies

For a healthy lifestyle, you need to have a balanced diet.  As far as dental health is concerned, you should get enough vitamins. Not getting enough vitamins can cause problems to your teeth, exposing you to gum disease risks. Foods rich in vitamins are the best ingredients for gum tissues.

  • Smoking And Chewing Tobacco

Smoking and chewing tobacco expose you to a high risk of gum disease since this practice interferes with the normal functioning of gum tissues. Therefore, it makes your mouth vulnerable and reveals gum disease.

  • Medical Prescriptions

Your medical prescriptions could as well be the cause of gum disease. A dry mouth can make you vulnerable to gum disease. Some medications may interfere with the flow and production of saliva, leaving a dry mouth.

Hormonal Shift For Females

Females mostly experience hormonal shifts during menstruation or pregnancy period. During such time, teeth become inflamed, puffy, or red, making your teeth suspectable to gum disease. You, therefore, need to be extra keen with your dental during this period.


Many instances could lead to a common cause of gum disease. Therefore, it’s essential to take extra caution on your dental health to avoid putting your teeth and gums at exposure to gum disease. Have gum disease? You can still consult a dentist at the best Hawthorne dentist clinic road as gum disease can also be treated at earlier stages