Aaron Dungca: Some Facts about His Career Journey!

Aaron Dungca

Seeing top position people, one thing that comes to mind is their success. However, you don’t know the struggle behind it. Thus, you can’t achieve success overnight as one has to make persistent efforts to achieve success in life. Along with this, if you want to succeed in life, you should acknowledge your goals. No one can stop you succeed in life if you have a complete understanding of the goals. 

Similarly, Aaron Dungca is a versatile personality who discovered various ways to create opportunities in sports, academics, and civic duties. Having experience of ten years, he laid his hands in numerous fields. Regarding his skills, Dungca possesses the quality of managing the projects well. He works well to manage high priorities, deadlines, and resources to detail and follow assignments on time. It makes him proficient in handling the projects well.

From 2010 to 2014, Dungca started his career as a health and Physical Education Teacher. During his term, he coached various organizations that featured NFL players. Also, he sponsored a youth football fundamental camp for football aspirants to enhance their skills. In 2014, he joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, as an Adjunct Physical Education Instructor and piloted a course for 28 participants. He delivered resource information and program materials using the MIT Stellar Learning Management System. 

Later, in the year 2018, he started working as a Content Marketing Associate. He assisted a startup military-owned company through advanced marketing campaigns development to attain additional, new, and renewal service subscriptions. He managed the client inquiries on project deliverables, vendor pricing, deliveries, and service executions. Here, Dungca received certification in social media marketing and promotions.

Dungca also worked at Samsung Neurologica medical imaging as a digital radiography sales operations analyst at Danvers, MA, from 2019 to the present. He restructured daily operation organization and order processing with the sales operations director. Here, Dungca executed various cross-functional responsibilities related to finance, marketing, and supply chain. Thus, Aaron Dungca is one of the most versatile personalities who have proficiency in technical skills. From Sales to Operations and Supply Chain to Finance, you can see he cross-functionally works across various departments. Not only this, but you can see his proficiency in Service to Logistics and C-suite reporting. Thus, with an experience of more than ten years, Dungca is a recognized name, and his firm determination and hard work that make him diligently carry out his operations.