Jared Ekola: Expand My Knowledge of The Food Industry

Jared Ekola

Jared Ekola is an outdoor enthusiast interested in health, nutrition, and the food industry. Jared was interested in science and maths during high school. His interests included climbing, hiking, capoeira, snowboarding, tennis, yoga, and bouldering. Jared graduated high school and studied at a community college. It wasn’t easy. He had to work part-time and study simultaneously. He graduated with a degree from the healthcare sector thanks to his sacrifices and hard work. He still found time to play the saxophone in the college’s band. After a decade of success in the healthcare industry, Jared Ekola decided to change his career to pursue his passion in the food industry. Jared is interested in organic foods and food preparation, including cooking, diet, craft beer, and supplements. 

In his own words

“I am open to any opportunity to expand my knowledge of the food industry.”

Jared is constantly researching new food trends and learning how to make them. He grew up in Southern California, exposed to many delicious foods. This led him to a love for food and cooking. As a high school student, he also worked at a fast-food restaurant that served delicious lunches to his friends and the community. Jared Ekola felt the gravity and took adventurous outdoor trips to the Channel Islands and snow mountains to photograph and hike. Jared enjoyed snowboarding and bouldering at places like Joshua Tree National Park in Bishop. 

Mammoth Lakes and Lake Tahoe. He was also interested in a career as an outdoor professional, whether working for an outdoor gear company or becoming an outdoor guide, conservation advocate/non-profit work, a national park concessionaire, or at a ski resort. He is also interested in investing in S&P index funds for long-term growth. He follows and reads the blogs of his favourite online investors. Spend less than what you earn and invest the surplus in avoiding debt. Simpler is better. Simple results are the best. When we talk about simplicity, we refer to index funds, specifically broad-based bond and stock index funds. He has been donating blood for many years as a community service. Patients need blood to survive cancer treatment, surgeries, chronic illness, or traumatic injuries. 


One person can make a difference in saving lives by donating. Blood is always needed. Only 3% of eligible people to donate blood annually are age-eligible. Locks of Love was also a recipient of his hair many times. Jared Ekola brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from his healthcare industry work to his new position. Teamwork, confidence, adaptability, professionalism, and critical thinking are key attributes. Jared believes in the power and effectiveness of positive thinking at work. He regularly reads about mental health campaigns. Jared enjoys Netflix but can also be found hiking or camping on coastal or hilly terrains.