7 Industries That Hugely Rely On Mechanical Engineers.

Enoch Mayfield

Are you considering becoming a great mechanical engineer like Enoch Mayfields? Then you are in the right place. Mechanical engineers are in high demand in all aspects of engineering and management. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, mechanical engineers are projected to have one of the top job growth rates at 13% between 2012 and 2022. This post will look at seven different industries that rely heavily on mechanical engineers to design and build systems that fulfill their needs.

1. Aerospace and defense

The aerospace and defense industry looks to mechanical engineers to design and assemble aircraft, ships, submarines, unmanned vehicles, and similar systems.  Mechanical engineers must be knowledgeable in many fields, including physics, materials science, engineering, and computer science. They also need to know about computers to design software that uses mechanical motion. That means they must be able to translate complex computer programs into commands that move mechanical parts and components.

2. Vehicle manufacturers

The automotive industry is primarily composed of mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing engineers. These engineers are responsible for designing, testing, and building cars that run on gasoline or electricity. 

3. Biomedical

Biomedical engineers work in hospitals to develop new diagnostic equipment and techniques. They also work in pharmaceutical companies to develop technologies that manufacture drugs more efficiently and test the efficacy of existing drugs.

4. Power

Power engineers build, repair, and maintain electrical power systems. These systems range from small generators to large-scale power grids that supply energy to towns and cities.

5. Food processing

Food processing companies rely on mechanical engineers to design and build machinery that processes, packages, and distributes food. 

6. Chemical & Petroleum

Chemical and petroleum engineers design and build equipment that produces a wide variety of chemicals for various industries, including pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, food production, oil refining, water treatment, and plastics. Chemical engineers need to know the science and the ability to use complex technology in their work successfully.

7. Construction 

Mechanical engineers design, build and maintain bridges, buildings, and highways. They also work in the construction materials industry to design and manufacture concrete and asphalt products.

Final verdict 

Great Mechanical engineers like Enoch Mayfields can be found in all areas of engineering though their roles are often focused on designing, building, or maintaining mechanisms for specific functions. The above seven discussed industries will help you better understand the different roles that mechanical engineers play in the world.

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and most recognized engineering disciplines. It uses mathematics, science, and technology and uses physical properties to develop an engineered system or product.