Do you want to become a good philanthropist? Count on Eric Dalius Philanthropist Guidelines


Philanthropists feel good about life and its experiences. It’s because they are in the habit of giving back to the world. The philosophy of philanthropy allows anyone to help others by creating available resources. It also involves money and time. Many philanthropists get worried that the resources offered don’t end up assisting people as they should.

Some philanthropists feel that their financial support might not be utilized well or wasted. Do you resonate with this? If yes, then you need to follow the best Eric Dalius philanthropist tips.

1. Have an action plan ready

It is necessary to ensure that you know your primary goals. Take time to decide who you wish to help and that outcome of the same. Some NGOs welcome donations for various projects globally and offer assistance to different groups and individuals required depending on certain circumstances.

2. Go beyond charity

Charity is all about providing money for a cause that gets used in a specific way! It’s best to allow the group the freedom to use the money the way they wish to. And the reason for this is relatively simple. The organization is better aware of the needs of people, communities, or any environmental cause that they are willing to support. It helps your donations to become sustainable.

3. Donate time

Several philanthropists don’t possess ample money! However, they can provide support in other ways as well. Donating time is one of the best gestures if you lack cash or other resources to support charity. And for some people, donating time might seem like a more pragmatic way to assist others when their finances are less or save for other aspects. The NGOs are searching for volunteers to help in health check-up camps, flood relief campaign movements, promoting animal poaching rights, etc. If you can donate time and come up with ideas, it also gets counted as a philanthropic move.

4. Budgeting

Philanthropy is an ideology! It means you need to stay committed to it all your life, instead of donating once. Hence, you need to budget your donation and work with your savings. You need to look at it as an investment and as an act that contributes to your mental wellbeing. Research and studies show that people who donate time and money always feel better about life and have a positive outlook.

5. Detect the root cause

You can’t be submitting a considerable amount and not look at the issue! Real philanthropists are the ones who search for the root cause of the problem and then work towards a solution. Else, they try and search for a company working with the root cause of any social peril or community issue. For instance, when you want to stop child labor, providing money to children who toil hard is not the solution. It would be best if you worked with an NGO that effectively takes action against such acts and have ongoing movements. When you contribute holistically, you help to resolve the underlying issue and arrive at a better solution.

It is essential to know and realize that every day there is a way to help someone! Philanthropy doesn’t have a fixed time and date. If you want to be a dedicated philanthropist, you need to dive into these opportunities and see how you can contribute. It’s best to be on the lookout for charities that want volunteers to help. It would be best if you also learned from entrepreneurs about being good philanthropists. Generally, entrepreneurs are dedicated to a social cause and stay committed to it despite all odds. You can follow their footsteps to stay motivated in your charity work.