How to invest your money in 2022?

Sean Tarpenning

For most people, investment is necessary if they want to enjoy a secure financial future. But unfortunately, a seemingly steady economy can be abruptly flipped upside down, as the coronavirus pandemic showed, leaving individuals who weren’t prepared for hard times scrambling for money.

What are the most significant investments for investors this year, though, given that the economy is reeling under a wave of rising inflation? Sean Tarpenning believes that combining safer assets with riskier, higher-return ones is one strategy.

Sean Tarpenning

Why invest?

You can use investing to supplement your income, finance your retirement, or even get yourself out of a tight spot financially. Above all, investment increases your money, enabling you to reach your financial objectives and gradually boost your purchasing power. Or perhaps you recently sold your house or received a windfall. Choosing to put your money to work for you is a good choice.

While investing can help you accumulate wealth, weighing the risks and potential rewards is essential. And you’ll want to be in a position to accomplish that financially, which means you’ll need sustainable debt levels, a sizeable emergency fund, and the ability to ride out market ups and downs without having to use your money.

There are a variety of investment possibilities, ranging from low-risk selections like certificates of deposit and money market accounts to medium-risk ones like corporate bonds and even higher-risk ones like stock index funds. That’s fantastic news since it means you can select investments that meet your risk tolerance while offering a variety of returns. Additionally, it implies that you can mix investments to build a balanced, diversified, and hence safer portfolio.

High-yield savings accounts

You get interested in your available funds when you have a high-yield online savings account. High-yield internet savings accounts are accessible vehicles for your money, just like a savings account earning pennies at your local bank. However, online banks often provide substantially higher interest rates because they have lower overhead costs. Additionally, you can frequently access the funds by immediately moving them to your central bank or sometimes even using an ATM.

For people who may soon require access to money, a savings account is a suitable option.

Optimum Investment

For risk-averse investors, particularly those who require money immediately and want to minimize the possibility that they won’t get it back, a high-yield savings account is a good option.


You don’t have to be concerned about your deposit being lost because the banks that provide these accounts are FDIC-insured. However, although high-yield savings accounts are regarded as safe investments, similar to CDs, if rates are too low, you face the danger of losing purchasing power over time due to inflation.

Places To Open Savings Accounts

Check out Bankrate’s list of the best high-yield savings accounts for the best rates. A savings account is available from banks and credit unions instead of this, albeit you might not obtain the best return.