Are You a Beginner in Bartending? Here are Some Tips!


You have gained all the knowledge that you need by attending that popular online bartending school. Now is the time to test that knowledge, practically. As a beginner, it is absolutely natural to be nervous and scared while joining a bar, but you need to stay calm and at the same time keep yourself alert. For a better hold on the understanding, observe other experienced bartenders and try to learn ‘What’ and ‘How’ they handle things around the bar.

Additionally, grab some of the great tips for all the beginners out there and conquer that favorite bar of yours.

You cannot be Short of Work at the Bar

Whether you are an experienced bartender or a beginner in bartending, you will be packed with work behind the bar. However, if you get out of work, never hesitate to ask the manager or a senior about what you should be working on.

Additionally, you can always help others with their work like with kitchen staff. There is no harm in helping others. Moreover, this also opens the opportunity for help from others when you may need it.

So, keep yourself busy with work including helping others.

Things ‘Will’ get Messy

When you are working in a bar, you are actually working in a very fast-paced environment. This is why things are more likely to get messy such as drinks may spill or glasses may break, but the real task is to clean the place efficiently and quickly. However, a few things must be kept in mind if there is a glass break;

  1. When a glass breaks from a customer or near a customer, never let them clean it up themselves. It may hurt them seriously. On the other hand, you will have the appropriate equipment to clean them properly, so you or a staff member should do it on your own.
  2. When glass breaks in the ice well or an ice bucket, it is important to remove and replace All of the ice with the new one.

Keep your Workplace Clean i.e. the Bar

It is highly essential to keep the bar clean at all times, no matter how busy the bar is. This is because of two major reasons;

  1. It will be a safer place for you to work and also for your customers to drink.
  2. Customers will also feel comfortable and happy to drink at a clean and tidy bar.

Moreover, it is always better and even recommended as a good habit, to keep your workplace clean, always.

Conquer the Art of Communication

It is always good to indulge in a healthy talk with your customers, but you must not lose the track of time. When you spend too much time talking to a single customer, you get held back which may lead to dawdling in your duties. Having a conversation is a good thing but lagging in your duties is not. If a customer is taking too much of your time in talking, then you may need to break a conversation in the most polite way ever.

Thus, know perfectly ‘When’ and ‘How’ to break a conversation politely.

Do Not Come in the Way of Other Bartenders

When you are a beginner or a new bartender, make sure you do not become a hindrance for the others when the bar gets busy. A busy bar can give you a mind-boggling experience, but it is the best time to watch and learn how the veterans handle things. Stay clear of their way but ask them how you can help them and be busy.

Final Consideration

Bartending is a wonderful job and skill to learn. However, you must be ready to spend your time in it. Be it for attending online bartending school or for learning to apply your knowledge and skills. Devote your time very attentively, and you may become one of the best bartenders ever and achieve your goals.