Danny John Gluszkiewicz – The best Insurance Broker and Under Writer to Consult


Danny John Gluszkiewicz is an exceptional insurance professional broker with a longstanding track record of leadership and building businesses in the Australian market. He has deep experience identifying and implementing practical insurance coverage for clients across Australia. In the insurance industry, he has experience of more than 20 years.

He is also a director of Criterion Underwriting and MRC Insurance, founded in response to the market demand for corporate advice delivered with a client-centric approach. In 1999, Danny John Gluszkiewicz began his career at QBE as an account executive.

Danny Gluszkiewicz’s Professional Background

He became the managing director in 2009 of InterRISK Queensland. Before that, Danny John Gluszkiewicz subsequently held a succession of senior roles at InterRISK Australia, where he built vast expertise in advocacy and client solutions. 

To work for BMS Group, Danny left InterRISK in the year 2018. Here he joined as a Director of Australian operations. Then in 2021, he launched the Assegai Group, and in 2022, Danny launched MRC Insurance. In BMS (UK-headquartered broking arm of Minova Insurance), Danny’s key role is expanding BMS’s Australia. Here Danny John Gluszkiewicz was an integral part of the national team.

Danny Gluszkiewicz as Insurance Broker

Danny is a Brisbane-based independent specialist insurance broker and underwriter. He is a flexible, independent, and client-centric broker. Danny John Gluszkiewicz has deep experience in identifying and implementing practical insurance coverage for customers across Australia. Throughout the entire procedure of purchasing insurance, Danny thoroughly guides his clients. 

After joining BMS, Danny reported to Mr. Andrew Godden, CEO. According to the CEO, Australia has a huge demand for BMS’s signature offering as an independent, flexible, and client-centric broker. And as an exceptional insurance professional, Danny John Gluszkiewicz has all the qualities. At BMS Group, one of Danny’s functions is looking for new talent to drive growth.