Corpus Christi Unsecured Loads Truck Accidents

Corpus Christi truck accident lawyers

Tidbit: Statistics show that unsecured loads cause more than 25,000 accidents every year.

Truck drivers and owners are responsible for ensuring loads are secured properly so that they don’t put other motorists at risk of accidents. Unfortunately, not all truck drivers are this careful, and accidents due to unsecured cargo are common. These accidents can result in serious injuries to other motorists.

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in an accident due to unsecured cargo, reach out to Corpus Christi truck accident lawyers. We help prove liability and ensure your rights are protected throughout the claim process.

Understanding Cargo Regulations

The transportation of goods by road has been managed by national and international regulations that ensure the transportation process is safe for all involved.

These guidelines give instructions to transporters regarding the securing, loading, and unloading of cargo on their trucks. To ensure safety during transport, the loads must be secured to prevent sliding, rolling, rotation, tipping, or wandering.

The safety of all persons involved has to be considered, including pedestrians and motorists.

Causes of Unsecured Loads Truck Accidents

When the load hasn’t been secured properly, accidents can easily happen. The sheer weight of the load and truck combined can cause severe injuries even if the impact was minor. Let us find out how accidents come by.

Overloaded Cargo

Trucks are subject to various cargo weight limits that depend on the base weight of the truck. If you have been on the freeway, you might have noticed truck weigh stations that ensure trucks don’t overload.

When the weight is too much, it creates issues with securing it. Too much load can also reduce the effectiveness of brakes. Sadly, even though the trucking company understands the effects of overloaded cargo too well, they still overload their trucks to try and cut costs.

Overloaded cargo cannot be secured properly, leading to potential accidents.

Unsecured Cargo

Even when the cargo isn’t too heavy for the truck, being unsecured can be hazardous. Unsecured cargo might shift without warning, making the driver lose control of the truck and ram into the car in front of him.

Additionally, unsecured cargo might fly off the truck and land on a vehicle beside the truck or behind it, causing serious injuries. Well, motorists might manage to swerve to avoid the flying cargo, but they can ram into another vehicle during the process, causing a crash.

One of the causes of unsecured cargo is a careless employee that didn’t confirm that the cargo was secured before allowing the truck to leave the loading yard. Untrained cargo loaders are also a huge cause of these accidents because they fail to load cargo safely and securely. Suppose the loader fails to secure the cargo. In this case, the trucking company is held responsible for any subsequent injuries, medical expenses incurred, lost income, and compensation for the subsequent pain and suffering

Unbalanced Cargo

Another element of loading cargo is balance. The cargo needs to be properly loaded to balance, especially in large trucks. If part of the huge load shifts to one side, the entire truck can fall to that side and crush anything caught underneath.

Proving Fault in an Unsecured Truck Load Accident

To get compensated for injuries sustained or damages, you need to prove fault in the accident. Even if you say that the load was unsecured and the cargo made you crash, you have to prove this. You can do this easily when working with qualified Corpus Christi truck accident lawyers.

The lawyer takes time to interview the people that saw the accident occur. He can also collect information from truck drivers involved and cargo load records. The lawyer can also help you avoid the common mistakes that make it hard for you to get compensated. Remember, anything you do after the accident comes under scrutiny; with a good lawyer in the lead, you get to avoid mistakes and do what is right