Who Is Joshua Madrid- Get to Know Your Celebrity Entrepreneur

Joshua Madrid

Born on 8th March 1998 in the USA, Joshua Madrid is among the few most popular celebrity entrepreneurs who started doing well in their business at a very young age. He is the co-founder of Team Jet Set and the cohost of the dropout degree podcast. Joshua landed a lot of opportunities through Team Jet Set, and with the help of the company, he did everything from travel to inspiring and motivating people. No wonder he is hailed a millionaire at a very young age of 24 years.

About family life

It is impossible not to notice the Madrid’s look-alike since childhood, with Joshua Madrid exhibiting a calm, quiet nature. Joshua’s father named him Joshua but called his brother and sister Boone and Bailey. He is known to be the tallest and shortest of the Madrid brothers.

Since he had a lot of opportunities in his life, he shifted to different homes at a very young age. His family’s tragic turn of life forced him to develop a strong foundation.

Before fame

He used to sell beanies to friends that he bought from Amazon. He was an ordinary kid who was trying to build his career. He had a slow pace of life compared to how he is going now.

He grew a liking for traveling at a very early age and took opportunities of this nature at first to kids. He was known to carry business cards as he took up the leadership in sales and marketing.


He was ranked the best influencer in 2017 and beyond that. He had the advantage of offering excellent support to those in need, and this continues even today when he can help those unable to get opportunities due to certain factors.

Joshua Madrid is the cohost of the dropout degree podcast, whose primary focus is to offer guidance in building an online business to those in need. He also has his brand entirely dedicated to his innovative business ideas.

The whole Madrid family continues to maintain a low profile despite the good fortune of the eldest son. He has maintained a good bond with his family always. Even though there was so much success and fame in his life, he still had it all going on.


Joshua Madrid read self-help books, which helped him a lot at 24. Joshua has higher education in entrepreneurship, and today he has a niche for that. He shares his thoughts on this subject and helps many people achieve success.

Last words

Joshua Madrid had a lot of ups and downs in this industry. But that doesn’t stop him. He is always ready to give his time to anyone who needs it. He is active on social media, where he offers strategies and advice on succeeding in business.