China vowed to keep wildlife off the menu, a tough promise to keep

China Vowed to keep Wildlife off the menu, a Tough Promise to Keep

The government has moved slowly to permanently stop the sale and consumption of wild animals in the wake of...
The US now has more confirmed coronavirus cases than anywhere else in the world

The US now has more confirmed coronavirus cases than anywhere else in the world

Here’s how the US got here — and what to do next. March 26 marked...
Ford and GM are making tens of thousands of ventilators.

Ford and GM are Making tens of Thousands of Ventilators. It may Already be...

From major car makers to DIY creations, we’re about to have more ventilators than we ever thought possible.
Singapore’s Covid-19 case fatality rate is remarkably low. Why?

Singapore’s Covid-19 Case Fatality Rate is Remarkably Low. Why?

Death rates can be the byproduct of lots of testing — and a little randomness.
periorbital cellulitis

Periorbital Cellulitis: A Common Condition in Children

One morning I got up and found my 3-year-old daughter had a slightly swollen and red-eye. I thought it...
5 ways to prevent another 100,000 coronavirus deaths

5 Ways to Prevent Another 100,000 Coronavirus Deaths in the US (and Beyond)

It’s time to fix the glaring gaps in death data and drastically improve measures to keep the coronavirus out...
Regular exercise

Fitness: How to change a sedentary lifestyle

When we learn movement as children, we harness our metabolic capacity. But as we discontinue it as adults, the...
polio virus

WHO just declared another polio virus strain eradicated. There’s one more to go.

Once a leading killer of children, polio has nearly been wiped out by a global vaccination effort.
Health Insurance While Travelling

Why You Need Visitors’ Health Insurance While Travelling To US

Nowadays, most families are residing in the US for their job as well as business purposes. The parents are...
healthy volunteers would be exposed to Covid-19

“Human challenge trials,” where healthy volunteers would be exposed to Covid-19, explained

Advocates say human trials could speed up the development of a coronavirus vaccine. As a...

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