Fundamentals of Cancer Therapy

Cancer Treatment in Noida, Delhi-NCR and Patna

Homeo cancer treatment in Patna evolves from the surgical oncology throughout radiation oncology and medical oncology. Now it is the epoch of biological oncology. The potential oncologist might not be a surgeon or a gist who manipulates the cells in the lab and then do the expansion of treatment. That is the way the systems go. Ayurveda is coming up with plans to set up a medical oncology. Allopathy, Ayurveda and Homeo medicine are not competitors, however those who can do best for a tolerant, should be capable to implement the specialty whatsoever it may be.

Here are few areas, where we have methodically failed in management, like hepato-cellular carcinomas, pancreatic tumors, etc. I think these are the areas where the shove should be given to all the inward branches of medicines. In central part of Kerala, hepato-cellular carcinoma, pancreatic tumor etc are very ordinary. The allopathic medicine cannot proffer them much respite so they send them to palliative clinics. These are the areas where, other systems of medicines should be capable to come up and try to do something.

Unlike lots of chronic diseases, cancer patients can go back to their normal life after healing. Another case, a lady with acute myeloid leukemia after cure returned back to the normal life. There is other story of a mother, who had an acute lymphoblastic leukemia, when she was expectant. The patient was not willing for an abortion and to take the medicines. The pregnancy continued & only chemotherapy was done.

The child was born in the oncology ward of RCC & was named as ‘Medimon’ (because the child was born in the medical oncology ward). The mother & child are now doing well. This is the instance of the improvement of oncology where we can choose the drugs, which are less noxious. You should recognize what cancer is or what really happens in the body? Essentially in cancer the cells are reasonably eternal. If the cells of the body become everlasting, the state of cancer occurs in two ways

1. Uncontrolled increase of cells or

2. The cells once attained maturity, but not getting killed.


Cancer is not a solitary disease. With lots of etiologies and characters cancer exists. That’s the trouble in identifying the plan of action of cancers. Cancers can happen in anywhere on the body involving hair follicles. No area, sex, age, is expelled. Relying upon the type of tumors terminology varies. (Lymphoma on the lymph nodes, sarcoma on the connective tissues etc.) The epithelial tumors are called carcinoma; connective tissue tumors are called sarcoma.

Cancer Deterrence:-

1. Early displacing cells can have a possibility of revision back to normal and we can try to stop the multiplication procedure.

2. National cancers convert program In which the shove be on the tobacco, which is a well established, well-identified cancer causing agent. Even an inert smoker of tobacco has got a 15% higher occurrence in developing the lung cancers. Smoking in public places should be completely banned.