Ibogaine was also used in treating addictions


Ibogaine, also known as iboga, has been used for centuries in different tribes around the world. It was used in traditional medicine and was considered an antidote for everything, from snakebites to childbirth complications, including abortions. Ibogaine was also used in treating addictions.

Some tribes believe that ibogaine is a plant with medicinal properties that is found in the rain forests of Africa, the Caribbean, and central and south America. They call it “iboga”. Although it’s also known as the “African root”, it’s actually from the genus Tabernanthe, which are from tropical regions in Asia and Africa.

The root bark of the tree, is rich in alkaloids that have been Ibogaine treatment, and purified, and have shown to be effective in the treatment of addiction to opiates. This is why some researchers have started studying it.

Ibogaine has been used to treat patients suffering from substance abuse since the 1960s, but it is illegal in the US.

Ibogaine is a derivative of iboga and can only be obtained from the root of the plant.

Ibogaine works by re-organizing the brain to reduce cravings for drugs, it’s used to treat opioid and other drug dependence.