5 Tips for NAPLAN Preparation Year 9

naplan preparation

NAPLAN Year 9 is one of the first steps a child takes toward his future after completing high school studies. This standardized testing and a national benchmark provide parents and educators with a thorough view of how students perform among their peers. There will be three examinations for NAPLAN Year 9 test 1 – Reading & Writing, test 2 – Language Conventions and test 3 – Numeracy.

To clear the NAPLAN Test, individuals must first check the format carefully and then start preparing accordingly. The main point is that the parents and teachers should ensure that the students do not stress about the forthcoming NAPLAN Test. After learning the course for the Test, try to use the knowledge to solve questions. Several practice tests and past papers are available online. 

5 Tips for NAPLAN Preparation Year 9

Here are some of the important tips that will surely be helpful for students who are preparing for NAPLAN Year 9 –

Know what to expect – 

As parents and teachers, it is very important to follow the best strategy to help the children approach the NAPLAN Test. And one of the best methods to relieve anxiety in children is to get them acquainted with the format and type of questions.

Plan how to use the test time – 

One of the most common struggles among many students is running out of time for the examination. And to avoid this, students must be encouraged to look at each component of the Test and determine how much time is required for each section. In addition, children should know to move on if they get stuck on a particular question and revisit it at the end. “Scholastic Excellence” (www.scholasticexcellence.com.au) is the best platform for NAPLAN Preparation Year 9.  

For the writing, topics, practice brainstorming tactics – 

Students are asked to write an informative, persuasive or narrative piece. Also, many students struggle to respond to unseen pieces of image or text; to help children in writing skills, make them spend some time writing brainstorming topics.

Emphasize the procedure, not the results – 

Keep your full focus on the process and not the result. For example, improve your ability to take tests, learn how to approach a question and deal with test anxiety. While preparing, list the strengths and work on the areas that need improvement.

Be positive and offer perspective – 

If students feel they will fail on the first day of NAPLAN Test preparation, then encourage them to try again with more focus. Ask them to attempt different things the next day and keep the focus on things that can be changed rather than that already happened.  

Final Words…!!!

So these are the tips regarding NAPLAN Preparation Year 9. The Test is designed to check the strong skills in numeracy, literacy and self-management under pressure and time constraints. So prepare yourself accordingly and give your best performance. If you need a perfect preparation tutor, contact and enroll with “Scholastic Excellence”