Common Causes Explained On Why Your Motorcycle Not Running Smoothly?

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The initial days of your motorcycle will undoubtedly be smooth. But things get complicated after that, as several issues might start showing up. However, if you are a beginner, you should know about all the problems that might lead to vehicle malfunctioning. So if you are wondering why your motorcycle not running smoothly, here are all the common causes explained in detail that will help you. 

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But before anything else, one should be aware that proper vehicle maintenance is the essential step that needs to be taken to ensure a smooth drive. For this, every motorcycle part should be thoroughly speculated and cleaned. Dust and dirt are the most harmful enemy of your vehicle. Therefore consider cleaning your motorcycle with a quality bike wash shampoo regularly.

Along with the safety of the motorcycle cycle, it is also essential to ensure your safety as a driver. Since a two-wheeler lacks the firmness of grip that a four-wheeler comes with, it is essential to carry the appropriate riding gear to prevent you from any severe injuries. Choose quality gear and additional protections considered important for a motorcycle ride.

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Motorcycle Not Running Smoothly? Common Reasons That You Should Know:

Figuring out the reason behind its malfunction will make it easy to fix the issues personally or take assistance from a mechanic as early as possible. Therefore, to make things easier for you, below are some common reasons for your motorcycle not providing a smooth drive.

Inappropriate Tyre Pressure:

Tyres being the most important part of a vehicle needs regular inspection. A low tyre pressure will eventually reduce the fuel economy and make it hard for you to speed up your vehicle. So if you experience poor gas mileage, it’s probably due to flat tyres.

The automotive industry recommends an optimum amount of tyre pressure for a vehicle which needs to be maintained accordingly. Use a pressure gauge to check whether your tyres are running flat. If yes, check for any puncture or tear and wear on the tyre surface. Once the tyre is fixed or replaced, inflate the air to correct the PSI. 

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Dead Or Poor Battery:

Most motor vehicle models come with an electric motor starter that tends to destroy the battery. If you are finding ir difficult to start your vehicle or witnessing frequent power outages during driving, it might be due to a poor or dead battery. If the battery you are using is quite old, you need to replace it as soon as possible. But if it’s a new one, then you need to inspect the electrical system and ensure that the fault is not on the part of the rectifier or the regulator.

Old Brake Fluid:

For the smooth functioning of the brake, brake fluid is essential, which provides optimum power to the hydraulic system. With time, brake fluid tends to absorb water, eventually leading to rusting. This provides a darker colour to the original yellow brake fluid. Sometimes you might feel something spongy while squeezing the foot padel or the hand brake. 

You might also witness low power in braking. These are all symptoms of the brake fluid seeking attention for immediate replacement. Usually, it would be best to consider changing the brake fluid once every two years.

Dirty Oil Filter Or Oil:

Without oil, your vehicle will not be lubricated enough to function smoothly. So if you are experiencing a louder engine than usual, it clearly indicates changing the engine oil or the filter. Carbon, great and accumulated debris, tends to contaminate the oil slowly and turn it into a darker substance that should be changed as early as possible. Vehicle experts recommend changing the oil or the filter every thousand miles and every five hundred miles if you need to cover long distances daily.

Excessively Tight Or Loose Chain:

Another essential component of a motorcycle is its chain. It determines the level of smoothness that a drive is likely to offer. An excessively tightened chain makes the engine rev high or loud. Sometimes the suspension also might feel tightened. Similarly, a loosened chain will take a toll on the quality of the ride. Ensure that your chain is adjusted properly to avoid any hassle.

Final Thoughts:

While these are some of the most common reasons behind your motorcycle not running smoothly, several others would require the attention of an experienced mechanic. As vehicle maintenance is also a part of the investment behind a vehicle, one needs to use a quality product for it. 

Purchasing anything randomly might get heavy on the budget after some time, as it might require frequent replacements. Choose the best quality vehicle accessories from renowned brands available easily at carorbis, a trusted platform for automobile owners. The platform also offers numerous benefits on purchase, such as cost-free shipping, hassle-free return policies and 24/7 customer support to address all the queries of the customers.

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