The Best Sleeping Directions For Couples + Vastu Tips

Couple Sleeping

The most important of all your relationships is the one in which you spend the most of your life. After your parents, this important relationship is that with your partner.

Unfortunately, keeping this relationship at its best is no piece of the cake. It requires an investment of time and effort which is a tough task considering how busy our modern lives have become.

The good news is – simply changing the placement of your bed to the right sleeping direction is enough to make a jump into a harmonious relationship with your partner.

What is this direction?

The Right Sleeping Direction For Couples

As you and your partner lay down to rest in your bedroom, a gentle hum of peaceful energy can surround you, thanks to the ancient principles of Vastu. These harmonious vibrations help to soothe the mind and nourish the soul. Thus, leading to a more fulfilling and harmonious relationship. 

In order to fully tap into this powerful force, it is recommended that couples use the right sleeping position as per Vastu. They can place their bed in one of the following auspicious directions: 

  • North of North West, 
  • North of North West, 
  • North of North West, 

By doing so, you and your partner can enjoy the full benefits of a blissful night’s rest, and awaken feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day ahead. 

Only the placement of the bed isn’t important. One couple who recently sought the counsel of Vastu experts found that simply adjusting the entrance of their bedroom brought a newfound sense of input and output into their marriage. 

Similarly, there are many Vastu remedies specific to your situation to help you move forward with your partner with love and care.

Vastu Tips For Couples

As the old saying goes, “home is where the heart is,” and there’s no place more important for your heart than the bedroom where you spend most of the time with your partner. Want to keep the flames of your relationship burning bright? Follow these Vastu tips!

  • Display the couple’s photographs in the North of North West direction, in a silver frame. This direction is associated with love and attraction. Placing a photograph of you and your partner in this location can help strengthen your bond.
  • One of the best Vastu tips for married couples is to place their wedding photographs in the South-West direction, with a golden frame. The South-West direction is associated with relationships. Placing your wedding photographs here can help improve the quality of your relationship. The golden frame adds a touch of luxury and prosperity, which can also contribute to the overall positive energy of the space.
  • Keep the North-East direction of your home clutter-free and spick and span. This direction is the key to a harmonious relationship with your partner. Make sure it is free from mess and heavy storage to keep the positive vibes flowing.
  • Pay attention to the North of North-West direction. This direction governs love, attraction, and physical relationships with a partner. Ensuring that this area is balanced according to Vastu principles can help maintain the warmth of love in your relationship.
  • Choose the right colour scheme for your bedroom to keep the peace. The colours of your bedroom can have a huge impact on the Vastu of the space. So it’s important to choose shades that promote tranquillity and calm, rather than dark or loud shades. If your bedroom is in the South-West direction, steer clear of shades of red or green. Opt for neutral shades like off-white, cream, and beige, with pops of yellow for a lively touch.
  • Use positive and lively decor in your bedroom to keep the love alive. The sceneries, artefacts, and decor in your bedroom should be uplifting and energetic, rather than negative or depressing. Doing this is sure to keep harmony in your relationship and improve your overall well-being.
  • Keep the mirrors at bay in your bedroom to avoid any misunderstandings. According to Vastu Shastra, it is considered unlucky to have a big open mirror in the South-East or South-West direction, as it can reflect the negative energy often found in these directions and lead to heated arguments. It’s also best to avoid mirrors that reflect the bed, as this can disturb the energy of the space. A professional Vastu specialist can help you find out the correct orientation of the mirrors in your home.
  • Make sure the bedroom is in accordance with your age group. Sometimes not choosing an age-appropriate direction can be the reason why you have constant disagreements and arguments with your partner. 
  • Avoid having a kitchen or toilet in the South-West direction. As mentioned before, this is an important direction for couples. When unbalanced it can lead to aggression, thus causing simple discussions to escalate into arguments quickly.

Wrapping Up

Now you know the right sleeping direction and also some Vastu tips to improve your relationship with your partner. 

However, you may have noted that even though these tips are easy to implement, you need to know the precise direction in which they would work.

For this, it’s better to consult a Vastu expert who has ample experience in helping strengthen bonds between couples. They will help not only find accurate directions but also some personalised Vastu remedies that couldn’t be shared in this article.

Start with getting a Vastu Check online. It will help you find if you are already sleeping in the right direction and also any other Vastu doshas your home may have.

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