What Is NAPLAN Test Series and How Can Students Prepare For It

naplan practice tests year 3 language conventions

In Australia, more than a million students appear in the NAPLAN test series every year. Since 2008, the National Assessment Program – Numeracy and Literacy has been an annual assessment for students in grades 3, 5, 7, and 9 in all Australian schools. 

NAPLAN testing is conducted over three school days – usually a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – in the second week of May. The results are used to examine student progress against a national standard. This helps the education bodies and the Australian government identifies the weaknesses and strengths in the teaching program and set new standards for any recommended changes. 

For students, NAPLAN is all about assessing their competency in skills that are essential for everyday tasks, such as filling out forms, finding work, and understanding how to do calculations. The tests, thus, cover skills in reading, writing, numeracy, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Teachers can also use the results of NAPLAN to challenge and identify higher-performing students, as well as to support those students who are not performing as well as the learner students of their age. 

The Australian Curriculum, Reporting Authority, and Assessment is responsible for implementing and developing the nation-wide Australian National Assessment Program, including NAPLAN. They work with different representatives from education bodies in all territories and states and the non-government school sector. For government and school systems, NAPLAN provides useful data to support improvement in good learning and teaching. 

A general source of concern for parents is precisely how to help and guide their child to prepare for the NAPLAN test series. Preparing a child for NAPLAN tests is different from preparing them for other tests or assessments. This is largely because NAPLAN examines students’ writing, reading, spelling, and mathematical abilities. These core skills aren’t something that can really be memorized or crammed – they have to be developed over time with lots of practice. Now, the question arises that NAPLAN are typically ones that enable the student to think for themselves rather than recalling knowledge. 

Yet, there are more practical ways to boost a child’s confidence in their abilities and prepare them for the different variety of NAPLAN questions. This consists of completing practice tests and past papers. If your child is in year 3, then, Naplan practice tests year 3 writing is one of the best options to prepare for the NAPLAN test series, especially so if your child’s writing can be independently assessed by teachers. 

With the help of online practice papers, a student can learn in several different ways. As practice papers include questions from numeracy, language conventions, English reading comprehension and writing, it becomes helpful for the student to practice and learn from the basics. 


With the help of NAPLAN practice tests year 3 reading, writing, and language conventions, it can become easy for students to learn and practice in an effective way. With online practice tests, a student can also adopt new things to learn that can boost his or her self-confidence to perform better in the NAPLAN test series.