What is Air Brakes Training & What are its Benefits?


Air Brakes Training prepares you to pass the Air Brakes test. Air Brakes Training covers legislation and regulations, air brake systems, components, and the correct procedures to operate a vehicle equipped with the Air Brake System.

In Edmonton, it will require drivers of cars fitted with brake air systems to obtain the “Air Brake Endorsement” included in their current classification for a license. The preparation is essential for this endorsement when you take your Air Brakes Course in Edmonton.

Air Brakes Certification Key Benefits

After completing the Air Brakes Course, you must take a Nova Scotia Registry of Motor Vehicles Air Brakes Test and receive an ‘Air Brake Endorsement.’ The Air Brake Endorsement allows holders to operate vehicles fitted with air brakes in the certified vehicle category.

Air Brakes Certification parts comprise:

 * Brakes 

 * The Parts of an Air Brake System

 * How the Basic System Works

 * Spring Park Brakes

 * Trailer System

 * Double Air Brake System

 * Electronic Controlled Braking and Traction Systems

 * Brake Adjustment and In-Service Check

 * Air Brake Pre-Trip Check

Air Brakes Ticket

Your Air Brakes ticket will be issued upon the completion of this course. It is the best course if you’re looking for the Air Brakes Ticket. When you complete this course, you will receive a wallet-sized Air Brakes Ticket or Air Brakes Certificate, which will prove to potential employers that you’ve got the proper qualifications.

The Air Brakes Certification

Air Brakes certification is required for employers who are looking to hire you. We will keep your information on file for the duration of your employment. You are welcome to request that your potential employers contact METI to verify your Air Brakes certification.

The Importance Of Having The Air Brakes Course

To drive an air brake, the MTO demands that drivers have an endorsement that states air brakes on their license. In order to obtain this endorsement, they need first to take a practical and knowledge test. The Air Brakes Course gives the students the necessary knowledge to pass this exam and get their air brakes certification by the Ministry.

But, more importantly, the knowledge they acquire through the Air Brakes Course will help them safely use air brakes.

In addition, when you get the air brakes course Edmonton certification, you’ll be able to take advantage of the greater job possibilities available for people in the transport sector.

Why Should You Pick An Instructor At A Driving School To Complete Your Air-Brakes Class?

In Driving School, we prepare the students for a successful job in the trucking industry. The MTO certified Air Brakes Course would give you all the information necessary to operate your vehicle safely with the air brakes system.

With the most up-to-date technology, you will be helped to prepare for the certification test by introducing you to the various components of the air brake system, the proper way to use them, and how to recognize minor problems before they turn into significant issues.