Life of a CEO and Marketing in “Boring” Industries with Jason Brailow


In marketing, specific industries are often labeled as “boring” or unexciting. However, for Jason Brailow, the CEO and co-founder of Hyper, there’s no such thing as a boring industry.

With his innovative approach to marketing, Jason has proven that even the most seemingly unremarkable sectors can be transformed into engaging and successful ventures.

Join us as we explore Jason Brailow‘s insights into the life of a CEO and marketing in industries often perceived as uninteresting.

Embracing the Challenge

Jason Brailow thrives on challenges, and marketing in so-called “boring” industries is a challenge he eagerly accepts.

He sees these industries as untapped opportunities for creativity and innovation. Instead of avoiding them, he embraces the challenge of finding unique angles and engaging narratives.

Discovering Hidden Stories

In every industry, there are untold stories waiting to be discovered and shared. Jason’s approach involves getting deep into the heart of the business uncovering the narratives that are often overlooked.

These hidden stories can be used to create compelling marketing campaigns that resonate with the audience.

Making the Complex Simple

“Uninteresting” industries are often seen as complex or technical. Jason understands the importance of simplifying the message. Whether it’s through clear and straightforward language or engaging visuals, making complex concepts simple is the key to capturing the audience’s attention.

Humanizing the Brand

Jason emphasizes that every business, regardless of the industry, can benefit from humanizing the brand. Highlighting the people behind the company, sharing their passion, and showcasing the company’s values can make a significant difference in how the audience perceives the brand.

Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing is a powerful tool in “boring” industries. Jason believes that combining various marketing channels, from digital and social media to traditional methods like direct mail, creates a more dynamic and engaging brand presence.

Leveraging Technology

Technology can breathe new life into seemingly dull industries. Jason Brailow advocates for leveraging innovative technologies to showcase products and services in new and exciting ways. Virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive websites are just a few examples.

Measurable Results

In marketing “boring” industries, measuring results is crucial. Jason’s data-driven approach ensures that marketing efforts are producing measurable results and a positive return on investment.

Breaking Stereotypes

Jason Brailow is known for breaking industry stereotypes. He challenges preconceived notions about what’s possible in these sectors and proves that with the right approach, any industry can be brought to life through marketing.

Passion and Persistence

Marketing in “boring” industries can be a test of patience and persistence. Jason’s passion for innovation and his unwavering commitment to making a difference serve as the driving forces behind his efforts.

Driving Transformation

Jason Brailow‘s way of marketing in “boring” fields shows how creativity and new ideas can dramatically change things.

Effective marketing can bring even the dullest industries to life by taking on challenges, finding hidden stories, giving the brand a personality, and staying dedicated to measurable results.

In these fields, being a CEO isn’t just about dealing with problems; it’s also about driving change and showing that “boring” can be rethought as exciting and fun.