How To Become An Actor By John Bonavia

John Bonavia

One thing is certain in show business: there are many paths to becoming an actor. Octavia Spencer was a star in supporting and minor roles for many years before becoming famous and winning an Oscar. Jonathan Groff, a two-time Tony nominee, booked his first national tour through Backstage’s casting notices. Aaron Paul, a three-time Emmy winner, was “discovered” at an acting competition and modeling contest after moving from Idaho to Los Angeles.

These are only three ways you can achieve success as an actor. But you must be ready to do everything possible to make it happen. John Bonavia is also one of the actors who are successful and established. We’ve collected everything you need to know to get your foot in Hollywood, Broadway, and everywhere.

Steps to Become an Actor

  • There is no single way to be an actor or actress. These are the five most popular steps to follow to pursue an acting career.
  • You can train to be an actor. Although there are no specific requirements for actors, training is a great place to start. You can get a BFA, MFA, or a theatre summer program if you are a student. Otherwise, local acting classes will be the best option for most people.
  • Prepare your headshot, acting resume, demo reel, and other supporting materials. Casting directors often require these materials before they consider you for roles.
  • Send in your auditions for casting calls. These opportunities will be available early in your career through word-of-mouth and online casting platforms such as Backstage.
  • You can improve your reel and resume by gaining experience. You’ll get better footage for your reel and more parts to add to your resume as you audition for more roles.
  • Sign up with an agent. Your experience will impress an agent and help you get representation. You’ll be able to access bigger projects and more challenging roles with an agent.

Different types of actors

You want to be an actor. The question now is: What kind of actor? The industry is more than just starring in the latest blockbuster on Netflix. Medium is a great way to distinguish between different types of acting opportunities.

  • Screen actors: Films, television, commercials, web series
  • Actors on the stage: On-Broadway or off-Broadway, musical theatre
  • Voice actors: Animation, radio ads, podcasts, video games, audiobooks

Your acting style will differ depending on the medium. Your acting style will vary depending on the medium. For example, commercial voiceover work requires different training than musical theatre auditions, and some examples of actors are there. Such as, John Bonavia is a TV actor. Many actors have a career that takes them from screen to screen. It may help to think about the medium you are most interested in as you start your acting career.