Is there DLC in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?


After three years since the debut of Gen 8 with Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet finally made their way into the hands of the public this past November. Still, Pokemon Sword and Shield continues to serve as the series’ primary competitive hub.

Although Paradox Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were introduced in February, very little is known about these games because just one has been released since Gen 9 was launched. A well-known Pokemon leaker named Riddler Khu may thus be relied upon as a reliable source for details about the features of Scarlet and Violet.

Upon its release this year, the latest iteration in the long-running RPG series received downloadable content, according to a well-known Pokemon Scarlet and Violet insider. Game Freak has released two substantial post-launch updates for Pokemon Sword and Shield, first released a few years ago. This dubious insider may have revealed that Scarlet and Violet would follow the same pattern.

Khu has a proven track record that dates back quite a way, and they did a great job of spreading the word about Pokemon Legends: Arceus before its January release. In a series of tweets, Khu discussed many components from the first and second official trailers, as well as additional undisclosed features of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Khu has now revealed their top pick from the core Pokemon series on Twitter, with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and its downloadable content coming in at number three.

Based on how Pokemon Sword and Shield’s post-launch material has been handled, it is widely expected that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will receive extra content in the form of downloadable content (DLC) and expansion passes. However, Khu has stated that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will receive downloadable content, though it is still being determined what shape this will take. The Gen 9 Pokemon games will likely follow the same pattern as the Gen 8 games, with DLC packs expanding the Pokedex and allowing players to venture into uncharted regions.

Given that there will be brand new Pokemon in Gen 9, and the number of creatures is expected to be closer to a thousand, the idea of a Pokedex cull is not farfetched. Like Pokemon Sword and Shield, the new area will feature a variety of new and returning Pokemon for players to capture. It may even bring back Carlos, the story of how legends inspired the 9th gen region in Spain and Portugal. The downloadable content for the new game may also be a brand-new endgame experience built on the Gen 9 open-world engine.

Khu thinks that the tremendous popularity of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the game’s innovative new ideas, the potentially massive scale of Gen 9’s environment, and the compelling nature of its gameplay all argue for the production of a downloadable content pack. Some of the animals have returned, but only a few. It’s a foregone conclusion that Paradox Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will receive downloadable content in 2023, as was previously stated. There has yet to be an official word from Game Freak.

Scarlet and Violet versions of Pokemon were released this autumn on November 18 if you still need to download them. The newest Pokemon titles can only be played on the Nintendo Switch.