Top Mental Health Podcasts Ever by 860today


‘Mental’ the word itself says a lot of things about itself. It’s a different talk if it’s in a positive or negative way. As human beings, we have made a circle with a certain set of rules and regulations of being normal. If anyone goes outside of the circle we declare him different from us. It’s so pathetic and ridiculous. It’s difficult to change the custom we are fond of and have been living with. Someone can not change this by staying out of the world and its people. 

To stay fit in society and live a stress-free life we should take care of our mental health. Mental health is crucial like physical fitness. We can’t take it too lightly. Mental health is deeply attached to our emotional sentiments and feelings. It defines our psychological behavior and affects social well-being. By making healthy choices for our physical and mental health we can create a delicate balance between a cheerful and gloomy stressed life. 

How 860 Today helps you to regain your befitting mental health invites you to join our awareness movement towards the top mental health problems and their solutions. We know people do not like to talk about their mental health. We do not take mental health as an illness like fever, cold and others.

Our trained experts in mental health concluded that top mental health podcasts are much more effective in understanding mental health problems from a better perspective. It’s easy to understand because the fact is listening has more impact on humans than reading and other things. You can listen to podcasts anywhere/anytime on loop. 

Some life-changing and successful top mental health podcasts

  1. Mad world by Bryony Gordon In this podcast Bryony Gordon talks to a different guest in each episode about the series of events in their own lives that affected their lives. It’s a ten-episode podcast where she discusses the need for awareness of mental health.
  1. Mentally yours by Yvette Caster and Ellen Scott o where they talk to a mystery guest each week about different things like money, career change, and social anxiety that affects our mental health. In this podcast, they covered plenty  of topics like depression, social anxiety, sorrow, loss, and panic attacks that we are afraid to talk about. 
  1. The hilarious world of depression is a podcast by John moe that gives a cheeky look at depression and anxiety. In this series, Some of the top comedians such as Maria Bamford, Paul F. Tompkins, Andy Richter, and Jen Kirkman sit and talk frankly about how they managed with depression. The funny conversation is the key of this podcast. 
  1. Where should we begin is a podcast about relationships and the impact of mental health on infidelity, parenting, divorce, and more. It is available in the voice of  therapist Esther Perel. It’s a relationships podcast that has a ton of overlap with mental health. 
  2. Terrible, thanks for asking with the host Nora McInerny, questions people ‘how are you?’ ‘How are they doing?’ The answers she gets are a great blend of humor, satisfaction, and sorrow. It’s difficult to answer what you want to say when someone asks ‘how are you. 

860Today suggests and recommends you to listen to these top mental health podcasts if you are dealing with or feel like anxiety, depression or other mental health related problems. 

Different types and causes of mental health 

A person can be mentally disturbed in many ways. A lot of factors can be responsible for poor mental health. But there are majorly four types into which mental health is divided. 

  • Anxiety disorder
  • Personality disorder
  • Psychotic disorder
  • Eating disorder

Most people have been suffering from an anxiety disorder because it’s very common and due to life-related problems. Circumstances and situations are likely to be the same for every individual who is suffering from an anxiety disorder. There are different causes for every mental health disorder. 

  • Loneliness and depression
  • poor financial condition
  • Long-term stress
  • Childhood abuse or trauma
  • Lousy interpersonal connection