How To Get Class 3 Driving License


There are usually various types of truck driving licenses that are the essentials whenever there is a need for truck driving. These licenses are; class A, class B, and class C driving licenses. This article will therefore focus on essentials to get a class 3 driving license.

How To Get Class 3 Driving Licence

Did you know that professional drivers are in high demand? Most companies are now focusing on getting jobs done safely. Class 3 training in the Edmonton program provides you with the best skills necessary and a stepping stone for a class 3 driving license.

As you aspire to become a professional truck driver, you will have to go through the education and training system for classes 1 and 3, where you will know what is needed of you regarding the courses, then get your class 3 truck driving license. As a driver, you are required to have a test that is written and knowledge test requirements.

  • Class 1 and 2 Driving Course

It is a mandatory requirement for a truck driver at the entry-level. For this course, you will acquire a driving license and also be required to pass road and knowledge tests.

Requirements Test for Class 1 and 2

As a truck driver student, you must complete and pass your class 1 driving examination test before being promoted to the next level; the final road test. Then, you are required to pass a course examination, and a qualified physician undertakes a medical examination. After that, you can be handed a driving license.

Written and Knowledge Test

You will be required to study the road signs, basic and professional driver’s handbooks for written and knowledge tests. With this knowledge in classes 1 and 2, you will be able to drive a ten or passenger while still studying section with trailers.

  • Class 3 Program

The class three programs is usually scheduled to test your skills with air brake knowledge and endorsement. You are also required to pass the air endorsement and knowledge exam before being taken for a road test.

There is scheduled an introductory course for the class 3 program, which usually takes 10 hours of in-truck training, an air break course, a week completion, and an hour instruction section. An extensive course takes 20 hours of in-truck training, an air course, a completion time of up to 3 weeks, and an hourly instructions section.

Written and Knowledge Test for Class 3 

For class 3 written and knowledge tests, you are only limited to study class 3 programs as you should have studied the class 1 and 2 programs.


Just like a kid would learn to pronounce words as they grow up, Enrolling in class 3 training in Edmonton for a truck driving schedule is also mandatory before you can get approved and have your truck 3 driving license. Therefore, you can become a professional truck driver holding your class 3 driving license with all privileges to commercial vehicles and other hazardous materials classified by transportation acts.