How Successful is Singaporean YouTuber Trevor Tham?

Trevor Tham

Trevor Tham, a YouTuber from Singapore, has amassed a large fan base and continues to rise in popularity.

Trevor Tham, a YouTuber from Singapore, is a success story. His channel has over 300,000 Subscribers. He has been creating videos for more than 5 years. His videos include vlogs as well as sketches and challenges.

This blog will examine Trev Tham’s YouTube success. We’ll explore his content, his audience, and what makes him so successful.

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Trevor Tham, a Singaporean YouTuber, has been active since 2013. His videos have been viewed more than 53 million times.

Tham’s content focuses on gaming, technology, and pop culture. Tham also uploads videos that document his travels around Asia.

Tham has received numerous awards for his YouTube work, including the Singapore Social Media Award in 2016 for Best Gaming Channel.


Trevor Tham, a YouTuber from Singapore, has over 300,000. His channel has something for everyone, with a mixture of challenges and vlogs.

Trevor started his channel in 2013 and has built a large following. His videos are engaging and entertaining, and he is always up for anything. Trevor is always up for anything, whether taking on a 24-hour overnight challenge to react to viral videos or taking on a 24-hour one.

His channel is so well-known because there’s never a dull moment. Trevor Tham’s YouTube channel offers lighthearted entertainment.


Trevor Tham is one of the most viewed YouTubers in Singapore. Trevor Tham makes videos about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. He has collaborated with popular YouTubers like JusReign or CloeCouture.

Trevor’s relatable, down-to-earth personality is what has made him so popular. His authenticity and genuineness have helped him build a strong relationship with his fans. Trevor is active on social media and responds to fans’ comments and messages. His followers love the personal connection that this creates with Trevor.

Trevor is not only an online presence. He has also launched his line of merchandise and hosted events. He is one of the most popular YouTubers in Singapore thanks to his hard work and dedication.


Trevor Tham’s net worth is estimated at around $30 million as of 2020. This includes his earnings from YouTube and sponsorships.

Trevor Tham launched his YouTube channel officially on 21 October 2013. He has amassed more than 219,000 subscribers – 300,000 until 2020. His videos include vlogs, comedy skits, challenges, reactions, and reactions. He has collaborated with popular YouTubers like Rebecca Lim and Wendi Deng.

Trevor Tham is a YouTuber who has appeared on Singaporean television programs like Code of Law and The Noose. He also has a rap album, “Straits Times.”

Although Trevor Tham’s earnings are unknown, it is safe to assume that he makes a decent living from his many endeavors. His net worth will likely increase as he continues to be active in the entertainment business.


Trevor Tham has big dreams for the future. The YouTuber from Singapore wants to grow his channel and make it a top-rated one on YouTube. He plans to expand his media portfolio, including vlogging, podcasting, and writing books.

Tham is ambitious and has high career goals. Tham wants to inspire others and show them that you can do anything if you put in the effort. He is proof that anyone can succeed online, regardless of where they are from.

You can keep checking to see what Trev Tham has for you. We are excited to see where this talented young man goes next. Trevor Tham is an excellent example of how YouTube can be used to make a career. We wish his success inspires others.