Choosing the right investment portfolio to get the maximum benefit out of them is not an easy task. That is why it is important to consult an adroit finance professional who can analyze and resolve the complexities associated with them. They have extensive experience and expertise to provide advice and assistance that prove to be beneficial in making the right choices.

Abu H. Ali is one such revered finance coach from Chicago. He is a certified insurance producer for many leading companies. He is also a great motivational speaker who has won many hearts. He has a benevolent and kind nature that has earned him a lot of love, respect, and recognition. For the last 20 years, he is serving as the President of MONEY MATTERS for Women of Color, Inc., a highly reputable company offering retirement planning and wealth management services. Currently, he is also the CEO of 1st BanCorp Inc. and Top Billin Records, Inc.

Abu started his career as an insurance producer who is licensed to sell and negotiate financial products after finishing his graduation from high school. Over time, he has built up a clientele that also contains his teachers from the schools where he had studied. He understands the value of quality information and makes an effort to utilize it in his clients’ best interests.

He is a highly regarded finance professional who is much appreciated for his humility and outstanding leadership skills. That is why he is often referred to as the “Money Coach” by his clients and associates. He is committed to expending most of his efforts in assisting the seniors as well as others in taking effective financial decisions.

Abu has counseled and directed many families throughout the nation towards wise investment plans that amounted to more than $100 million. He provides all possible assistance to senior citizens in multiplying their financial proceeds and abating their taxes without exhausting their assets so that they can have a cozy post-retirement life. He endeavors to help people with credible financial advice so that they can build up a safe and sound future.

Abu H. Ali’s specialized working style and honest work ethics have helped him to achieve the great heights of success. He has appeared in many articles because of his vast knowledge acquired through hands-on experiences. Abu H Ali receives regular invitations into public schools to speak with the teachers preparing for retirement and counsel the students as a positive human development youth consultant.