How Personalized Learning Helps You Master Complicated Subjects

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Group of Elementary Pupils In Classroom

Personalized learning is a customized educational method to impart learning as per each student’s requirements, skills, and interests. If you are looking for elementary school tutors in Calgary that follow personalized learning, then this is for you. In this post, we will cover how personalized learning can help you master complicated subjects.

What is personalized learning?

No two kids are the same. Kids learn and comprehend in diverse ways and steps. With personalized learning, every student gets a new “learning plan” on how they learn, their knowledge, their skills, and interests are. Unlike the “one size fits all” technique used in schools, personalized learning helps each kid gravitate towards their own interests and skills.

Students work with teachers and set short-term and long-term goals that help them in understanding the responsibility of learning. Teachers ensure that study plans or project-based learning meet academic standards. They also regularly check whether students demonstrate the skills they learn during the training process.

Personalized learning is not an alternative for special education. In fact, it is a holistic approach towards general education that works in conjunction with the Individualized Education Program. But proper support and accommodations need to be done to incorporate personalized learning so that all students can benefit from it. This includes kids with disabilities as well.

How personalized learning works

No two schools that follow personalized learning function the same. However, there are four best models which schools follow. There are some Elementary school tutors in Calgary that follow Personalized Learning.

  1. Schools using learner files – which helps teachers, students and parents to know about a specific learning method and make any changes if the student is unable to cope with this technique.
  2. Schools using personalized learning paths – assists the student to customize their own learning path as per their motivations, progress, and goals.
  3. Schools that follow competency-based development – monitors student’s progress towards their objectives. This method clearly mentions to the students the skills they need to master, which includes knowledge and even beliefs like developing resilience.
  4. Schools that use flexible learning settings – adapt to the setting in which a student learns and how they can learn best. The school is structured as per the physical setup of the class.


Personalized learning isn’t popular in schools yet, and there are many points that need to be explored. But this method can help kids with different learning and thinking abilities. There are many Elementary school tutors in Calgary that provide personalized learning by focusing on the student’s ability.

In many cases, IEP focuses on defects. But a personalized approach to learning can make up for this by focusing on the strengths and interests of students. IEP and personalized learning can be combined to help children overcome weaknesses, find a tailored path, combine their interests and help them “own” their education.

The key is to ensure that as the school initiates personalized learning, all the teachers are well-trained to meet every child’s individual needs. The more you know, the more you can participate in the discussion.

To sum it up,

  • There are many models of personalized learning modes that schools can utilize.
  • Personalized learning helps alleviate the stigma of special education.
  • Teachers usually need more training to allow students with difficulties to participate in personalized learning completely.