Top 10 Sites for Your Career


Today, the job market is more competitive than ever, especially as the gig economy is swamped with the newly unemployed. There are several ways to get your resume seen by the right people. The best chance for success is to do everything in your power to get yourself out in the competition. One of the most effective and easiest ways is to share your resume on numerous job sites to enhance your chances of finding the best opportunity. 

So, job sites are among the most efficient and best ways to search for and apply to opportunities. Now, the issue is on which job sites to post your resume? The job site depends on what type of work opportunity you are looking for and which has the features that fulfill your needs. 

To kick off your search for top job sites, here are the best 10 websites that are chosen after going through more than a couple of dozens of websites. 


First and foremost, LinkedIn is a top social networking site that is breathing, living resume in itself. It is based on the fact that most employers hire the people they know from their network or candidates recommended by their employees. So, having such a network of people who know your qualifications can help candidates while job hunt. LinkedIn shows your qualifications, professional expertise, and accomplishments. Besides, it also helps you to tell a more active story about yourself and what you want. Most importantly, recruiters also rely on LinkedIn heavily to find the right candidates. Thus, the more detailed your profile is on this platform, the better are your chances of getting contacted. 


One of the largest job sites worldwide, boasting 250 million users every month with ten jobs posted every second. Indeed has the unique feature that distinguishes it from other job search websites is the option of advanced search like Google, which allows you to search for specific word-for-word phrases or titles in the job description. Besides, it lets you create a profile and upload your resume, making it easier to apply for jobs and receive queries from prospective employers.  


It is one of the most popular and oldest job portal sites. Naukri was launched in 1997 and is accessed by hundreds and thousands of job seekers. It is free for the candidates looking for a job and is updated by job postings from recruiters every day. helps you search for jobs company-wise. In addition, it filters out job preferences easily for you. Furthermore, it has various filters which allow you to conduct an advance search, such as looking for a job at your desired location. Also, it offers many tools, for example, a career dashboard that lets you compare your salary with others sharing the same position. 


One of the first prime hob search sites on the internet during the late 1990s, Monster is still going great. It has an intuitive and clean layout. The search page doesn’t have as several filtering options as other websites. Still, it includes an advanced search feature that allows looking for particular job titles and word phrases in the description. When you upload your resume on the Monster profile, you can request a free review of it. They suggest improvements to make it better. For example, you would be able to save job positions once you have an account. Also, you can save job positions and sign up for email alerts. You can search jobs by company, location, position length, and date posted. 


JobBait is another excellent platform that helps to connect employers and job seekers. The site is the Mecca of information and details for direct mail campaigns and value proposition letters. With it, you can meet the employers in various fields and get to know about the vacancies. In addition, you can any type of job, including full-time, part-time, and remote jobs. It also offers workshops on how to improve your chances of job opportunities. 


CareerCloud is a free site that helps job seekers find the right job of your choice and build their career. Most importantly, it helps the users to build the desired life, whether that is searching for the first job, next job, making a career pivot or breaking away into the world of entrepreneurship and freelance. They offer content, podcast, experts’ opinion, and other tools to help you with the job hunt. From resumes to answering inquires to interviews and building career, they have got you covered. It offers the best guidance, real-life advice, and the best resources.


Dice is one of the best-known and largest platforms for jobs in technology and IT. However, it has much more to offer than tech positions, including copy editor, administrative assistant, accountant, and other roles. You can search for opportunities by keyword, skill, title, company, and location on its website or Dice mobile app. After registering, users can upload their resumes and have access to other services, such as job notifications. In addition, Dice offers a range of great content for job hunters, including career advice, tech news, career map, and salary prediction, among others. 


The list of top job search sites is incomplete without Career Builder. It has two main innovative features in its favor that are longevity and size since it is one of the longest-lived and biggest job boards on the web. In addition, it offers an advanced search function that allows you to filter your search based on several criteria, including job title, location, and pay range. Furthermore, CareerBuilder uses Google Al to match job hunters with appropriate opportunities. Besides, it also offers resources and career advice for the aspirants. 

Jibber jabber

It is a job website for your career management. Job search experts will help you keep track of your job search and ensure that you follow up. More importantly, it helps you to organize, manage, and track jobs, ensuring you know where your opportunities are, including interviews, next steps, follow-ups and more. JibberJobber is also available on an app that lets you focus and keep tabs on the firms you have applied to and manage the network relationships. Also, it stores your vital documents such as resumes, reference letters, cover letters, and make sure to use them.


Besides letting you search for jobs, Glassdoor allows you to review companies you have worked for and share salaries along with information on benefits. This helps job seekers to get some useful insights. The professionals who have interviewed with a firm can provide details on the recruiting process of the business. Though this information is taken with doubt, it can be quite revealing. Glassdoor lets employers recognize job candidates along with marketing their companies to the job hunters. 

To Wrap Up

Job sites for your career serve as the present-day equivalent of the ads by assembling and listing available local openings. In addition, job websites are equipped with thousands of listings and additional resources like resume tailoring, career coaching, and blogs that contain helpful tips and recommendations. Hopefully, this article was helpful in your job search.