How can Webinar Social Selling benefit you in running your business?

webinar social selling

COIVD-19 has caused a significant shift in how businesses conduct their operations and communicate with their customers, as people can no longer meet face to face. With everything and everyone moving online, webinars have become one of the best ways to connect with a large audience in the current climate. 

However, even before the emergence of COVID-19, webinar social selling has long held a special place in many businesses marketing strategies, as they offer huge benefits to branding, customer engagement, and quality lead generation. 

Webinars are virtual events where a large group of people can gather online and learn more about a specific topic by listening to presentations from expert speakers. It doesn’t matter where delegates are located – as long as there is an internet connection, anyone can participate, making it a very efficient communication strategy. 

If you’re unsure if webinars are right for your business, here’s a rundown of the benefits Acquiro about hosting a webinar can offer. 

Interact with your customers in real-time

Webinars are highly engaging, as participants can ask questions to the speaker and get a response in real time. They eliminate barriers to communication and help you build stronger relationships with customers because webinars give them a voice. 

It’s also a great way to understand your customers better because their questions and the topics they engage with the most will give you insight into their pain points, allowing you to adapt future marketing to better target this audience. The interactivity of a live video is often more engaging than someone reading the same information from a screen. 

Quality lead generation 

To participate in a webinar social selling, a person must register with their email address and contact details, so just by hosting, your business is getting qualified leads. People are happy to provide their contact details if they feel like they are getting value. By signing up to learn about a particular topic, you are guaranteed that these leads are already interested in this topic area. 

After the webinar, these leads can be added to your marketing nurture tracks and sent follow-up information relevant to them. This is a great way to get your message across to an already engaged audience. 

Establish your business as an authority 

People participate in webinars to learn more about a topic they’re interested in, or that could help them in their day-to-day working lives. If you can offer great educational content to them, it will establish your business as an authority on the topic, says Acquiro

This positions your business as an expert in their eyes and builds trust, so if they require products or services in the future, they are more likely to think of your company over others. 

Time, or lack of it, is often a major factor in undertaking marketing. Still, the content that is put together for one webinar can be repurposed in videos, articles, white papers, social posts, and more, which will save time and continue to drive your marketing.