How Can Students Pass Selective School Exams?


We have helped hundreds of students throughout the years, and we’ve learned that passing the exam isn’t always about just the ability of the students but how well prepared they are. That being said, below are our top recommendations for passing the test:

Be Familiar With The Kinds Of Questions That Are Asked

If it’s a test or reading or writing assignment, be sure your child is familiar with the questions given. It’s best to attempt as many practice questions as possible to improve your child’s writing, numerical and reading abilities.

In order to assist your child in preparing for the school’s selective exam, ensure that you and your child know the format of the exam in detail. The test has two parts – an aptitude test and an assessment test. Make sure you know them thoroughly.

Answer All Of The Questions And Then Pace Yourself

There’s no penalty for wrong answers. Therefore it’s crucial for your child to answer every question correctly, even if he/she is uncertain about the right answer. Do not leave an answer unanswered. Keep a pace during the exam and allow enough time to finish each section. Do not spend too long on one question (30 seconds for each), and be sure to read each question attentively.

A majority of the exam comprises multiple-choice questions, and not all students comprehend how to answer multiple choices. Keep track of the timer at intervals between every 10 minutes (or at least every 10 minutes).

If your child is unsure about a specific question, try substituting the solutions into the issue. This method can aid in determining the right solution.

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Early Preparation is Important The competition is intense, with top students studying to take the entry exam as early as two years ahead.

At the very least, we recommend beginning preparation at least 6 months prior to the exam. It will allow your child  time to build up his/her speed, endurance and confidence . Don’t forget that it’s never too late!

Encourage your child to create their own study timetable that develops from the beginning with discipline and an established routine. It should contain regular exam sessions, as well as study time, focused on specific subjects. Printing it and putting it on a pin is an excellent idea. It can be put on the fridge and another on the desk. 

Concentrate On Weak Points

Every student has strengths as well as weaknesses. The most important thing to pass the school’s selective exam is to concentrate on your child’s weaknesses and then turn these weaknesses into strengths.

It can be done through practice questions targeted to your child’s needs and tests that concentrate on the areas he/she is struggling with. If, for instance, your son or daughter finds the verbal reasoning section challenging, be sure to do more practice in this section. If he/she is having trouble with the mathematical reasoning/thinking tests, seek advice from a maths tutor who will guide you through the most important concepts.

Get Expert Help

One of the most effective investments you can make is to receive expert advice from a teacher who knows precisely what is required to pass this selective exam. Anyone who ideally completed their education at an elite entrance high school.

A great tutor will determine your strengths as well as weaknesses of yours and create a study program that is specifically tailored to your needs. However, these tutors may lack the resources to help your child. Fear not, as you can access the questions here selective school testing pricing in WA so that your tutor can use these questions to coach your child