Hookah: A Better Alternative Than Cigarettes?


Hookahs used to be relegated to the fringes of the Manhattan smoke-scape. Still, because of the rise of smokeless-smoke culture and its proliferation into many inhaling trends, hookahs in Manhattan have made their way into the mainstream.

However, hookah smoking is very different from conventional cigarettes. There is some confusion because it doesn’t appear like a cigarette or function like a standard vape kit. Do positive health effects outweigh the potential downsides of hookah use? What are hookah’s advantages, if any?

Pros of Hookah

There are positive aspects to hookah use as well. Its popularity is skyrocketing all across the globe. Hookah smoking has several advantages, many of which are not shared by other inhalant fads.

Hookah is, above all else, a shared activity amongst friends. With the proper usage of mouthpieces, it’s also a far more hygienic method to smoke with friends than handing around a vape kit or a joint. Hookah mouthpieces may be the most sanitary way to pass a smoking device during a pandemic scare.

Smoking from a hookah still has adverse health effects. However, they are mitigated compared to those of cigarette smoking. While exposure to secondhand smoke is never without risk, it does not pose the same dangers as smoking. Just like cigarette smoke may stain and harm your walls and furniture, hookah smoke can do the same, but not nearly as quickly or severely.

Choosing the correct shisha for your hookah session is part of the enjoyment, as it may yield incredible taste and cloudy, thick smoke. It’s a great way to wind down and spend time with the people that matter to you. Moderate, cautious use reduces risks while allowing you to enjoy the social aspects.

Hookah as an Alternative to Cigarettes

In the Middle East, shisha has long been a cultural staple. Despite this, e-cigarettes have become a worldwide fad among smokers because they are far less dangerous than traditional cigarettes. It is because, compared to regular cigarettes, the chemicals and poisons in shisha are less potent. While this may be true, it’s important to remember that smoking in any form, including shisha and e-cigarettes, is never brilliant.

Hookah for Getting Relaxation

The nicotine in the tobacco used to make shisha has a calming effect on the body and the psyche. Sharing a shisha after a meal or at a social gathering is normal. Try shisha instead of cigarettes to unwind because it has fewer chemicals and poisons and won’t harm your health.

Hookah for Cleaner Scent

The aroma of shisha is far more pleasant than that of conventional cigarettes since it typically contains fruit juices and essence. Since it has fewer carcinogens than ordinary cigarettes, its aroma is less overpowering and may even be perceived as delicious. Secondhand shisha smoke is a problem, but it’s much safer than cigarette smoke.