Lit your rooms with flavoured candles

pineapple and sage candle

Sweet fragrances from candles are a soul soother. They ease your mind, makes you feel refreshing and lighten up your mood, room and surroundings. These candles are aptly used for aromatherapy and remove bacteria from the air. Commonly called stress and anxiety busters, flavoured candles such as sage and pineapple produce perfect vibes in our lives. 

Pineapple sage candles have 65-70 hours of burn time which is good. They are a perfect fit for medium size rooms or bedrooms. Other intertwined fragrances in this candle are eucalyptus, lemongrass, cedar, black pepper, cade and blue chamomile flower.

Generally, pineapple sage candles have a fresh cut pineapple note on the top with a heart of green leaves, making them look quite beautiful. These candles have 100% wood wicks with soy wax. Since they have soy wax in them, they burn very clean and makes them burn for a more extended period. So, all that you have in your room will be a long last fragrance and no mess left behind!

Pineapple and Sage candle

Pineapple and sage candle is  a perfect blend of bringing wealth, positive energy and protection from evil vibes in your house and lives. Soy is a natural, safe product that burns clean, leaving no black smoke, residue, or toxin. So, don’t wait any more and get these exotic candles at a surprisingly reasonable rate online.

Certain precautions need to be followed while burning the candles. Like always, burn them until the wax pools down to the glass edge. Please don’t leave them burning while going out of the room further. It is advised to not burn them for more than 4 hours in a stretch. Always handle fire with extreme caution and care. Please light a candle in a place with adequate ventilation as then they will work at their best.

Fragrant candles are not only a piece of decor in modern homes but a source of cleansing thoughts, spaces, objects and even people. Also known to ease your sleep-related problems, these candles are a must-have in your homes.

Pineapple and sage candle are a heavenly crowd-pleaser with a perfect balance of fragrance, genuineness and herbal notes. Each of the ingredients has its use. Eucalyptus oil lessens anxiety, stress, agitation and depression. Lemongrass is known to sharpen thinking skills, whereas cedar oil lets the body relax and release tension.

So, fragrant candles like pineapple sage should be made a vital part of your home as the benefits that one can have from them are many.